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“I find the Bitcoin Breakdown newsletter extremely informative. In a world where we are under a constant barrage of information, this newsletter cuts through the noise and provides concise curated signal about the bitcoin news that matters.”

@BTCtokolosheCo-founder of Bitvice

“I appreciate how Bitcoin Breakdown distills and delivers core information on the week's news items—no repetitive information, straight to the point.”

@PlotzyAuthor of

“It's hard for the average person to find the signal in all the noise between corporate media, influencers and paid shills all having a vested interest in seeing you get rekt; you don't stand much of a chance. Information asymmetry is the name of the game, and DYOR is easier said than done; where do you go? How do you find counter-arguments? Where do you go to debunk myths? Google? ChatGPT? Nah, they all compromised. Instead, look to those doing real proof of work. Bitcoin Breakdown gives you regular updates from a range of sources across the Bitcoin spectrum, so you can find solid resources and make up your own damn mind.”

Che KohlerCo-founder of The Bitcoin Manual