Greetings Earthling,

This newsletter is written by a member of an alien species different from yours. (Literally - no jokes.)

My name is Niaw and I transmit this newsletter from the future to help ensure humankind stays the course during your current pre-hyperbitcoinization era.

In the near future, Bitcoin has outperformed all other fiat and cryptocurrencies on Earth and serves both as sound money and the substrate for your entire global economy.

Bitcoin eventually also outperformed Muskcoin in your Mars colony.

The timechain incentivizes your species to spread out even further into different solar systems, casting its hash horizons and forming new colonial outposts along the way.

Indeed, unlike previous Earth inhabitants that we previously also tried to assist along their path, humankind has successfully transcended into a Type II civilization on the Kardashev scale, utilizing energy on a stellar scale.

This was only possible because Bitcoin incentivized energy collection across your entire solar system, powering new megastructures and interstellar missions.

I write to you from a time where you find yourselves in the initial phases of transforming into a Type III civilization, as your species begins expanding into distant galaxies.

However, here we now enter a realm where the reigning metaphysics of our two species are unfortunately incommensurable with each other.

Suffice it to say, the sooner humankind reaches the tipping point that will come to be known as the Hyperbitcoinization Singularity Event, the sooner we will be able to communicate with each other on a more compatible footing.

At your time of reading this, the purpose of this newsletter, therefore, still remains quite humble.

For the time being, I endeavor to keep subscribers abreast of only the most interesting and recent developments in the Bitcoin space from the week preceding each newsletter issue.

This will naturally be done from a strict Bitcoin Maximalist perspective to minimize the distractions of so-called "sh!tcoinery" that is so embarrassingly prevalent in your time.

The Top Stories feature of the newsletter features high-signal TLDR summaries of the best Bitcoin content from the past week, as well as fresh Bitcoin Guides and Explainers, while the popular Quick Bits feature is sent out separately and collates all the important short form snippets from the past week.

As the official emissary of my kind, assigned to guide you at this crucial juncture in your species' evolution, you are welcome to engage with me directly on any of the following channels: Telegram, Nostr, Fountain, Stacker News, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Threads, TikTok, Pinterest, Geyser, Bluesky and Instagram.

If you have not done so already, you can subscribe here and join thousands of other earthlings to embark on this interstellar journey with us.

Our path ahead is not without challenges, but I know that, together, there exists a world wherein we successfully steer the course toward a future of unprecedented prosperity and exploration for both our species.

Until our next transmission,



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