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  • 🤡 Crypto Twitter Distorts Ripple Ruling, 🔧 Dox-To-Earn Emerges, 📈 Hash Rate Hits ATH

🤡 Crypto Twitter Distorts Ripple Ruling, 🔧 Dox-To-Earn Emerges, 📈 Hash Rate Hits ATH


Greetings Homo Sapien,

As we steadfastly journey towards the Hyperbitcoinization Singularity Event, let's absorb some gamma rays of tidbits from recent headlines, followed by this week’s Quick Bits section.

Happy readings! 👽️ 


Crypto Twitter, drunk on wishful thinking, misinterprets the SEC v. Ripple court ruling. Judge Analisa Torres ruled that Ripple unlawfully sold $728 million in unregistered securities through institutional XRP sales. The judge did not make this same ruling for programmatic sales ($757 million) or other XRP distributions ($609 million). She did not declare that "XRP is not a security" or make any ruling on the legality of 99% of XRP transactions since 2017. The issue of whether secondary market sales of XRP are investment contracts was not addressed. It is further likely that the ruling will be overturned and the SEC's lawsuit against Ripple will probably proceed, potentially leading to appeals and substantial penalties and fines. [Just stick to Bitcoin, plebs].

Arkham Intelligence offers a new intel-to-earn dox-to-earn service, which basically increases your risk of suffering a '$5 wrench attack.' The company, which prides itself on 'deanonymizing the blockchain,' allows anyone to place bounties on any specific blockchain address. Ironically enough, Arkham’s referral links have been caught revealing the email addresses of referrers. You’d not be blamed if you suspect Fed involvement - the company has raised money from a variety of investors, including the founders of OpenAI and data analysis firm Palantir. [Time to take your OPSEC seriously, plebs].

Bitcoin's Hash Rate reached a new ATH of 465 EH/s, making it increasingly difficult, if not virtually impossible, for any individual or group to control more than 50% of the network. The surge in hash rate is attributed to Texas-based miners resuming full capacity after heatwaves did not cause significant problems to the electricity grid. Miners globally are also expanding their operations due to the increased BTC price, leading to anticipated growth in mining difficulty.

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  • US government moves nearly 10K Bitcoin worth over $300M related to Silk Road seizure.

  • Telegram: You can now pay merchants in Bitcoin.

  • Mutiny opens beta of its progressive web application Lightning wallet that runs fully on the web independent of Apple or Google app stores.

  • Mutiny Wallet also features self-custodial Bitcoin subscriptions models.

  • Bloomberg analyst says BlackRock Bitcoin ETF could unlock $30 trillion worth of wealth.

  • Carbonado: An apocalypse-resistant data storage format for the truly paranoid.

  • Financial Times: Countries are bringing physical gold home to avoid Russian-style sanctions.

  • 'Bitcoin Senator', Cynthia Lummis, renews push to remedy ‘crypto’s erratic regulatory framework’.

  • Europe’s first Bitcoin ETF set to launch after 12-month delay.

  • Qala opens up applications for their Mastering Bitcoin Course targeting developers that would like to upgrade to Bitcoin and Lightning developers.

  • Ex-Celsius CEO Mashinsky charged and arrested.

  • PwC Report: Institutional investors are shunning self-custody solutions.

  • Alby’s Nostr Wallet Connect is now live in the Umbrel App Store.

  • UK Financial Conduct Authority continues crackdown on ‘unregistered’ Bitcoin ATMs.

  • Nostr Short Documentary released called 'Social Media Is Broken. Can We Fix It?' (25:46 min watch).

  • Bitcoin Dev Kit Foundation established as US non-profit.

  • Satlantis by Zebedee is a custom Minecraft server where you can now play-to-earn bitcoin.

  • Better Beer launches a Bitcoin treasure hunt in Australia, giving customers the chance to win one of three bitcoins.

  • Valentino posts short tutorial on how to set up a 2-2 multisignature wallet with Coldcard to manage inheritance.

  • Machankura clans feature lets Africans send and receive bitcoin as a group.

  • RFK Jr holds bitcoin, financial records show.

  • Bitcoin Twitter won’t let you forget Brian Armstrong’s deleted tweets.

  • Vanguard Group, with over $7 trillion assets under management, purchases a 10% stake in bitcoin miner company Riot Platforms.

  • UK Digital Pound may have digital ID features.

  • ARK Invest: Institutional Investors are holding more Bitcoin and showing increased bullishness.

  • OpenSats announced long-term support program for Bitcoin developers.

  • OpenSats also announces first wave of Nostr grants.

  • Reclaim The Net publishes short video om ‘How Big Tech Is Killing The Open Web’ (12:19 min watch).

  • Lyn Alden in 5:19 minutes why she is Bullish on Bitcoin.

  • Tom Brady lost $30M on his FTX investment.

  • Gemini sues Digital Currency Group and Barry Silbert for fraud.

  • JP Morgan downplays spot Bitcoin ETF impact saying it is ‘unlikely to be a game changer’.

  • Greenpeas releases kindergarten-level report, embarrassingly rehashing the same old tirelessly-debunked talking points attacking Bitcoin.

  • Etherium Inventor Vitalik Buterin, seemingly unaware of the existence the Lightning Network, ‘advising’ Bitcoiners​ to focus on scalability.

  • f2pool launches Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator.

  • Brazil’s CBDC pilot contains code that can freeze or reduce funds, developer claims.

  • Chainalysis Report: Crypto criminals stealing much less in 2023.

  • Bipa, a Brazilian Bitcoin startup, announces the successful closure of its seed investment round, raising a total of $1.4 million.

  • Coinfinity, an Austrian Bitcoin broker, integrates the Lightning Network into their services.

  • China’s President touts its CBDC, announces new features in speech.

  • Russians sought crypto during Wagner ‘mutiny’.

  • Coinos: web-based Lightning platform ideal for merchants, charges only 0.1% conversion fee (for comparison, Wallet of Satoshi charges 0.5%).

  • Ostrich Work: The first Nostr Jobs board on the internet.

  • Zeus wallet no longer requires you to run a separate lightning node.

  • Bitcoin’s decoupling from traditional finance is holding strong in 2023.

  • Bloomberg idiotically characterizes Bitcoin’s apparent decoupling from US inflation announcement, and consequently from US stock movements, as ‘triggering caution about the token’s outlook.’


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