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  • 🤬 Bitcoin Book Censored, 🇺🇸 US Self-Custody Bill Passed, 🐃 Another Bullish BTC Report

🤬 Bitcoin Book Censored, 🇺🇸 US Self-Custody Bill Passed, 🐃 Another Bullish BTC Report


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Welcome to this week’s Quick Bits issue where we curate the most interesting and pertinent Bitcoin snippets from the last week.

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Major Jason Paul Lowery, author of Softwar: A Novel Theory on Power Projection and the National Strategic Significance of Bitcoin, claims that he was ordered to take the book down and asked to stop discussing the subject publicly. He is also asking Bitcoin enthusiasts to make the book available in digital format. The community is however divided over whether or not he may have truly overstepped the line and is, therefore, genuinely being censored, or if he is trying to portray himself as a Bitcoin martyr in another marketing campaign for his upcoming book, similar to what he has done before on Twitter. Nevertheless, at the time of writing you can find copies of his original thesis, on which the book is based, here, here, and here.

The US House Financial Services Committee has passed a bill protecting self-custody. The Keep Your Coins Act of 2023 aims to enable individuals and businesses to securely store and manage their own digital assets without unnecessary third-party involvement. It essentially prohibits federal agencies from restricting the use of cryptocurrency for lawful purposes, such as the purchase of goods and services, and it protects the use of self-hosted wallets. The bill was introduced by Republican Warren Davidson.

Investment banking company, TD Cowen, publishes a bullish report on Bitcoin and MicroStrategy. The report states, "A bullish view is warranted, in our opinion, because we believe Bitcoin could ultimately represent a superior store of value relative to all other forms of money, whether fiat, metal-based, or digital." The report strongly suggests that those interested in Bitcoin or MicroStrategy's strategic approach would do well to pay attention to their findings.


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  • Chaincode has opened applications for their no-cost 6 week Lightning Development program.

  • Google’s "Web Environment Integrity" poses a serious threat to Internet freedom.

  • PlebAI is a chat bot interface that allows you to pay with sats to anonymously access ChatGPT and other premium features.

  • Luxor Technologies: Bitcoin mining machines are ‘flowing’ into Russia.

  • Joe Martin stacked over 360,000 sats for one of his live shows using Mash.

  • MiniBTC is a lightweight dashboard with live Bitcoin price, fees, mempool stats and halving figures.

  • Glassnode: Bitcoin long-term hodlers control 75% of circulating supply.

  • BlackRock calculated in 2022 that the optimal allocation of BTC in a portfolio is 84.9%.

  • Binance to reenter Japan in August, two years after regulator's warning.

  • Bitcoin miners buy up rigs as prices near all-time lows.

  • Human Rights Foundation announces 20 BTC bounty challenges with a focus on transactional privacy and Bitcoin self-sovereignty development.

  • Tim Draper interview on Fox News: Bitcoin will not only rise above other cryptos, but it will also rise above fiat (7:56 min watch).

  • Adopting Bitcoin Conference Cape Town 2024 announced to take place 26-28 January in Cape Town, South Africa.

  • DIY Bitcoin miners share their stories of mining BTC at home.

  • GrapheneOS Foundation's PayPal account used for donations permanently locked.

  • Geyser integrates zaps; now you can send sats from any Nostr client to Geyser projects.

  • Bitfinex hackers agree to forfeit billions in BTC in plea deal.

  • Mempool dot space introduces new Mempool clock and calculator.

  • Mental Outlaw releases video on ‘The UK is Trying to Outlaw Encryption’ (9:39 min watch).

  • Richard releases Kanye West - Ghost Town Remix [Orange Pill Edition] (2:52 min watch).

  • Nigerian central bank enables contactless eNaira payments.

  • US Department of Justice plans to reinforce its team responsible for investigating cryptocurrency-related crimes with more prosecutors.

  • Dormant Bitcoin address moves $37.8M in BTC after 11 years.

  • Foundation’s Envoy Wallet now enables you to redeem Azteco vouchers directly to your mobile wallet with a single QR scan.

  • Grayscale requests SEC to approve Bitcoin ETFs simultaneously.

  • Australian Finance minister pushes digital ID system despite data breach concerns.

  • LNscratch: Play 3 free scratchcards every day and win up to 1,000,000 sats.

  • Sequoia Capital slashes its crypto fund by 65%.

  • sMiles pays you BTC for free to walk around cities.

  • Congressman Brad Sherman shows how stupid he is when talking smack about Bitcoin creator 'Saratoshi Nagamoto'.

  • US president Biden endorses legislation that would require online platforms to check age (and therefore ID) of users.

  • Reclaim The Net releases video, ‘The CBDC Debanking Dystopia’ (15:06 min watch).

  • Bitcoin mining computing power may drop as much as 30% after halving.

  • Singapore High Court declares cryptocurrencies as property.

  • Craig Wright (aka Faketoshi) has lost another appeal and has it dismissed.

  • Machankura launches in Kenya.

  • Bitfarms secures two power purchase agreements in Paraguay to add up to 150 megawatts of hydropower capacity.

  • Yzer is a free Bitcoin education mobile app that rewards users with sats for learning about Bitcoin.

  • Chainalysis’ head of investigations admits there is no scientific evidence proving their surveillance software works.

  • French privacy watchdog questions Worldcoin’s data collection method.

  • Fundstrat: Bitcoin to reach $180,000 before the April 2024 halving as potential BlackRock ETF helps drive demand.


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