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  • Insightful Bits will soon enable you to earn sats by watching ads.

  • Trezor launches a new Bitcoin-only hardware wallet.

  • Cal.com integrates Lightning payments enabling you to get paid in BTC for your time.

  • Obscura accepts BTC as payment, offering VPN benefits with zero ability to tie your personal information to your browsing activity.

  • Pocket launches ‘Lightning top-up’ service which lets you send filthy fiat via a bank transfer and receive sats directly to your Phoenix or Breez Lightning wallet.

  • GPUtopia launches a marketplace to buy and sell GPU capacity for BTC payments by supplying your unused graphic card processing power.

  • Oddbean is a Hacker News-like forum for Nostr posts.

  • CryptoSteel releases new The Bitcoin User Manual Booklet for free.(Protect your private data for life with Cryptosteel here).

  • Forbes launches an email course on earning free Bitcoin.

  • Economist Jeffrey Sachs predicts the end of dollar dominance and that CBDCs will become the future basis of payments.

  • JPMorgan reports that Ethereum has become more centralized since the merge and Shanghai upgrades.

  • Honda now accepts BTC as a form of payment.

  • Blockstream Jade will power Swan Bitcoin’s new collaborative custody solution.

  • Blockstream releases Greenlight, a Lightning-as-a-Service solution offers scalable, non-custodial functionality and node management so developers can concentrate on app development.

  • THNDR introduces Clinch, a Bitcoin Lightning Network API offering instant, global, low-fee P2P wagering, enabling micro-wagers and faster payouts.

  • Wavlake introduces new feature called Artists Splits which enables artists to split zapping revenue between a set of Wavlake users.

  • Sam Altman shares positive outlook on Bitcoin on the Joe Rogan show, referring to it as a logical technological progression.

  • Volcano Energy and Luxor Technology Corporation launch El Salvador's first Bitcoin mining pool powered by renewable geothermal energy.

  • Jack Dorsey’s Block unveils its new Bitcoin hardware wallet shaped like a compact hexagon and called BitKey.

  • Unchained adds the blockchain protection provider Coincover to its network of collaborative custody partners.

  • Bank of International Settlements and Germany and Dutch central banks unveil Project Atlas, a prototype for global Bitcoin monitoring.

  • Adopting Bitcoin Cape Town 2024 tickets are still available.

  • Proof of Workforce is a new non-profit helping workers, unions, and business with education-based Bitcoin adoption.

  • Node Academy is an initiative of Vancouver Bitcoiners to help enthusiasts getting started with their own Bitcoin Lightning Network node.

  • PeerTube, an open-source video streaming platform, now enables tipping in Lightning thanks to new plugin.

  • Favvy enables function to search Nostr profiles.

  • Private search engine Kagi now supports payment in BTC.



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  • IMF produces video tutorial on inflation, never once mentioning money supply (5:41 min watch). 🤡 

  • Bloomberg releases short video on America’s Looming Debt Spiral (5:48 min watch).

  • Ioni Appelberg releases new video on the Clash of Titans: Oppenheimer and Nakamoto's Ideological Battle (9:49 min watch).

  • CypherpunkNow releases short video The Law of Conservation of Bitcoin (0:38 min watch).

  • Richard releases new track Drake, 21 Savage - Tales of the Sovereign (2:17 min watch).

  • TIP_NZ performs Reality live at Pacific Bitcoin (4:45 min watch).



  • Hal9 allows you to chat with your enterprise databases using secure generative AI and empower business users in your team to do their own data analyses in seconds.

  • Hate bank fees? Try out Revolut! Over four million people have switched to Revolut because banks overcharged them when they spend or transfer money abroad.

  • Dollar Flight Club is a subscription travel service that alerts you about the world’s cheapest flight deals. They’re offering their Lifetime Membership for $129 (usually $1,690) for a limited time.

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