⚡ Week 42: Quick Bits

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Welcome to this week’s Bitcoin Breakdown Quick Bits feature, where we value mathematical certainty over the faltering whims of human institutions.

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  • US government considers labeling mixers, which obfuscate Bitcoin transactions, as a national security threat.

  • Edward Snowden warns that a Bitcoin ETF could be a tool of subjugation employed by traditional financial institutions.

  • LeXpunK mobilizes to oppose new draconian IRS anti-Bitcoin tax rules by enabling you to send complaints to them through a convenient AI-powered drafting tool.

  • Sazmining opens up Bitcoin mining facility at the most expensive object on earth, the Itaipu Dam in Paraguay.

  • Electronic Frontier Foundation highlights the privacy concerns surrounding Mastercard's handling of user data.

  • Memestr is a Nostr hub for memes.

  • Shipyard is a Nostr client focused on enhancing your writing experience and managing your content schedule.

  • Outlier Ventures presents Base Camp Bitcoin, a funding opportunity for Bitcoin startups.

  • Hostr is a decentralized web hosting solution built on the Nostr network.

  • Federal Reserve Governor expresses skepticism about the necessity and feasibility of a CBDC.

  • Mash and TFTC collaborate to develop innovative publisher monetization tools, expanding your monetization opportunities beyond traditional ad revenue.

  • Unchained launches its Sound Advisory affiliate, a registered investment advisor for investors who want to take advantage of Bitcoin as an asset in their portfolios.

  • Strike integrates with Bitrefill enabling users to easily purchase everyday items with BTC, massively expanding the digital currency's utility in regular commerce.

  • Bitshala opens applications for its developer training program, offering in-depth Bitcoin knowledge and practical coding skills to successful applicants.

  • GPUtopia increases their bounty prize pool to 4 BTC.

  • Bitcoin HashHouse is an informal network of bitcoiners who seek to live, work, and play in various locations around the world.

  • Pleb Lab is a community resource for aspiring developers and builders to learn and get involved with the Bitcoin Lightning ecosystem.

  • Jack Dorsey’s Block announces first prototype of ASIC circuit board.

  • Strike introduces a new service called Strike Private, which offers personalized support for high-net-worth individuals, businesses, and institutions interested in Bitcoin.

  • Ferrari enables customers to purchase high-end sports cars using BTC.

  • Tesla still has the third-largest BTC holdings for a publicly traded company, estimated at 9,720 BTC, after not selling any in Q3.

  • BitBox adds Lightning support via the Breez SDK.

  • Onramp is launching a comprehensive global Bitcoin asset management platform, offering multi-institution custody in collaboration with partners Kingdom Trust, BitGo, and Coincover.

  • Madeiran President launches a Bitcoin business hub to spur innovation.

  • Verde Mining offers educational courses for energy producers to set up and manage their own Bitcoin mining operations.

  • Bitdeer Technologies, a Singapore-headquartered and Nasdaq-listed Bitcoin mining firm will buy back $2M of its own shares.

  • Dutch activist Eva Vlaardingerbroek says the coming Digital Euro will be a ‘totalitarian hell’.



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  • Larry Fink calls Bitcoin a flight to quality (0:30 min watch).

  • TaskTiger lets you generate images, remove image backgrounds, perform image overlay tasks and pay for them with BTC (2:21 min watch).

  • Spiral releases cringe-worthy educational video that stars a giant, furry, anthropomorphic orange puppet called Bitcoin (9:50 min watch).

  • Vijay Boyapati, author of the seminal piece ‘The Bullish Case for Bitcoin,’ announces at Pacific Bitcoin he is now Senior Engineer of Swan Vault (24:05 min watch).

  • CNBC releases an entertaining but bad short documentary on criminal billionaire hacker Jimmy Zhong who stole BTC from the Silk Road (33:40 min watch).






  • Hal9 allows you to chat with your enterprise databases using secure generative AI and empower business users in your team to do their own data analyses in seconds.

  • Hate bank fees? Try out Revolut! Over four million people have switched to Revolut because banks overcharged them when they spend or transfer money abroad.

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