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  • California is limiting daily transactions at Bitcoin ATMs to $1000 to ‘combat fraud’. 

  • Bitcoin’s supply on exchanges falls to six-year low.

  • Bitcoin price hits all-time highs across Argentina, Nigeria, and Turkey.

  • Google searches for ‘Buy Bitcoin’ surges 826% in UK.

  • Dylan LeClair observes that at today’s price, cost averaging BTC has you in the green no matter what date you started buying.

  • UK's Law Enforcement can now seize BTC linked to criminal activity without conviction.

  • Surveillance Firm Elliptic says their data was ‘misrepresented’ by the Wall Street Journal in its recent lousy Bitcoin hit piece.

  • Ricardo Salinas, Mexico’s 3rd-richest man shares insights on why people should adopt Bitcoin as an alternative to banks.

  • Pro-BTC El Salvador President (with 91% approval rate) is running for re-election.

  • The number of transactions involving at least $100,000 worth of BTC hit a new yearly high.

  • Premise announces partnership with Neutronpay, which will allow global users to easily convert and transfer their earnings in BTC through the Lightning Network.

  • Lightspark unveils global remittances solution called Universal Money Addresses (UMA), which is based on the Lightning Address/LNURL protocol.

  • Ledger officially rolls out 'recover,' prompting a fresh swath of criticism from unimpressed users.

  • Start9 Labs open sources their operating system available under the MIT license.

  • Zapple Pay lets you Zap from any nostr client.

  • Tether will publish real-time data on its reserves.

  • MicroBT unveils the Whatsminer M60 series at Blockchain Life 2023 in Dubai, which offers high hash efficiency and diverse cooling options.

  • Swan Bitcoin adds short course called ‘Bitcoin 101’ to their Canon.

  • Tiramisu Wallet, a new wallet for the Taproot Assets protocol, is now live on mainnet.

  • CoverLetterGPT is an open-source app for AI-generated cover letters, which now accepts Lightning Network payments.

  • ZEBEDEE partners with AdInMo, enabling gamers to get BTC rewards for viewing in-game display and video ads in mobile games.

  • Nayuta open sources their mobile Lightning wallet with an embedded LND node, and their code for a dedicated Lightning Service Provider.

  • Joltz releases a Bitcoin rewards spinner for Shopify and WooCommerce merchants.

  • Saving Satoshi is an interactive Bitcoin learning game.

  • Azteco vouchers are now available in Italy at 5000+ MrPay locations.



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  • CNBC anchor Joe Kernen says ‘prepare for the halvening’ (0:13 min watch).

  • Alexis Ohanian, Reddit co-founder says ‘Bitcoin has never felt really all that different from gold’ (1:13 min watch).

  • Richard releases ‘The Notorious B.I.G. - Ten Sats Commandments’ (2:01 min watch).

  • Nabi Technology releases video on their stunning super-compact and minimalist designed node, ‘Introducing Cubit’ (2:45 min watch).

  • Tatum Turn Up podcast releases the lamest highlights reel ever, titled ‘A Year of Between Two ASICs’ (21:40 min watch).

  • Jeff Booth gave a talk, titled ‘Navigating Humanity's Greatest Paradigm Shift’ to 1100 real estate investors to show what was happening in the world (49:29 min watch).

  • Bloomberg Originals releases RUIN, a feature documentary about Sam Bankman-Fried and the stunning collapse of FTX (1:47:35 min watch).





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