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Welcome to this week’s Bitcoin Breakdown Quick Bits feature where we curate the most interesting and pertinent Bitcoin snippets from the past week.

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  • David Coen is curating a blacklist of banks that block movements to or from Bitcoin related services (please add more).

  • Bitcoin’s market cap is now higher than that of Tesla.

  • BTC-USD.net is the most simple bookmark-worthy bitcoin price ticker available.

  • Bank of England discussion paper warns that self-custodial wallets could challenge stablecoin issuers' ability to satisfy regulations.

  • Sats4AI offers AI models payable with BTC and no KYC.

  • Cipherchat is an encrypted messaging app that leverages the power of Lightning nodes to communicate privately.

  • Konsensus Network presents ‘21 Futures: Tales from the Timechain’, the world’s first Bitcoin fiction anthology [Use coupon code bitcoinbreakdown to get an additional 10% off].

  • That One Privacy Girl posts issue #23 of her ‘This Month in Bitcoin Privacy’ newsletter.

  • Nominations for the most impactful African Bitcoiners 2023 are now open.

  • Geyser migrates to Nostr, allocating every project a unique Nostr identity (NPUB).

  • Seedle39 is Wordle for bitcoiners.

  • Bitcoin fees soar nearly 1,000% since August as Ordinals are back in vogue.​

  • Ordinal theory creator distances himself from viral ‘ORDI’ token.

  • Two Republican senators introduce the ‘Keep Your Coins Act’ to safeguard the right to self-custody crypto assets.

  • CZ slams Bitcoin hater, the economist Nouriel Roubini’s new token as ‘shameless’.

  • Picnic, the app that connects people with similar interests, integrates Lightning for Bitcoin.

  • Coinbase is removing support for Bitcoin SV (BSV) and liquidating any remaining BSV on the platform after January 9 2024.

  • The Little Hodler releases a new product, the Little Printer.

  • Proton releases a redesigned Proton VPN app for Linux.

  • New cryptocurrencies are getting created at the slowest pace in three years (nature is healing).

  • Argentinian presidential candidate Sergio Massa wants to mine BTC from oil fields.

  • Bank for International Settlements Chief says CBDCs are 'central' to innovating financial systems.

  • El Salvador to upgrade Bitcoin ATM network to the Lightning Network in the next couple of months.

  • MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin position reaches $1B in unrealized gains.

  • German member of Parliament, Joana Cotar wears BTC shirt and denounces CBDCs.

  • S&P upgrades El Salvador’s credit rating.

  • PlanB shows 83% of all BTC is in profit (some 2021 ATH buyers are still in loss, everybody else in profit).

  • Durabit introduces the concept of time-locked bitcoin transactions forming a bond that rewards users for their active participation in the seeding of specific files.

  • BitVM creator Robin Linus similarly introduces BitStream, an open market for content hosting, enabling individuals to monetize excess bandwidth and storage via Lightning.

  • Izindlovu Fund, a Belgian non-profit for elephant conservation in South Africa, now accepts BTC donations.

  • Caitlin Long’s Custodia Bank launches its Bitcoin custody service targeting businesses like fiduciaries, investment advisers, fund managers, and corporate treasurers.

  • Fraudulent Ledger app on the Microsoft App Store leads to the theft of over $767,000 in BTC.


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  • Pantheon Anime by AMC mentions Blockstream Satellite and Bitcoin (0:12 min watch).

  • Netflix's Inside Job says ‘Bitcoin is a lifestyle’ in short snippet (0:14 min watch).

  • Unchained releases short video titled ‘What is #bitcoin multisig?’ (4:56 min watch).

  • Matt Kratter of Bitcoin University discusses Bitcoin Derangement Syndrome and how it has affected public figures like Paul Krugman, Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett, Peter Zeihan, Peter Schiff, and especially Dave Ramsey (8:04).

  • NVK of Coldcard demo’ed Satslink at Nostrasia 2023 (9:54 min watch).

  • Bitcoin Explorers touched down in Istanbul, Turkey, one of the world's most inflation-affected countries, Part 1 (10:03 min watch).



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  • Hal9 allows you to chat with your enterprise databases using secure generative AI and empower business users in your team to do their own data analyses in seconds.

  • Hate bank fees? Try out Revolut! Over four million people have switched to Revolut because banks overcharged them when they spend or transfer money abroad.

  • From AI automations to content generation, Constant Contact offers a range of advanced fe2atures to help you create highly targeted, effective campaigns without the hassle of writer's block.


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