⚡ Week 47: Quick Bits (w/ Black Friday Sale Specials)


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Welcome to this week’s Bitcoin Breakdown Quick Bits feature where we curate the most interesting and pertinent Bitcoin snippets from the past week.

Scroll down for a curated list of some of the best Black Friday Specials in the Bitcoin industry.

Just a quick note to let you know that we'll be spending some time with our families over the next few days for Thanksgiving and there will thus not be any Top Stories feature this weekend.

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  • Bitcoin Miner Quest is a tabletop game that brilliantly educates players about Bitcoin mining.

  • 10101 (ten ten one) releases public beta of their non-custodial Lightning wallet, offering the first Lightning-native synthetic USD and peer-to-peer futures and perpetuals trading.

  • Bitcoiner Freelance is the world’s first freelance marketplace dedicated to Bitcoin.

  • TrueVote unveils voting app that ensures election integrity and convenience by integrating Bitcoin, OpenTimestamps, and Nostr. 

  • Nostrocket coordinates decentralised, Bitcoin-based economies, rewarding contributors who collaborate to find solutions to global challenges.

  • Swan Bitcoin releases free 1-hour ‘Intro to Bitcoin’ course hosted by Natalie Brunell to help orange-pill family members.

  • Rare Passenger releases a normie-friendly Bitcoin starter site.

  • @fewsats builds an OpenAI agent that successfully processes a Lightning invoice payment, acting as a human user.

  • Nostr Eggs enables data and API monetisation through a GPT query system and micro-payments on the Lightning Network via Nostr.

  • Wallet of Satoshi unveils new referral programme rewarding you with any commission they make of a new user for 12 months.

  • Eagle Sats enables sending lightning payments in bulk that include a custom message, essentially enabling you to pay thousands of people for directly advertising to them (aka zapvertising).

  • Satograms is the same, but unlike Eagle Sats which only sends to addresses that opt-in to receive ads and sets, Satograms can also send to addresses obtained from public means.

  • Stacker News introduces image uploading.

  • Human Rights Foundation launches a new CBDC tracker, which seeks to highlight the progress of potential CBDC initiatives around the world and their likely impacts to civil liberties. 

  • Bulgarian soccer club Botev Plovdiv’s latest uniforms sports the Bitcoin logo on their sleeves.



  • Coinkite (COLDCARD) is offering up to 25% off of their products until Nov 27th.

  • BitBox is offering up to 21% off of their products until Nov 27th.

  • Blockstream is offering 10% off on all Jade Bitcoin hardware wallets and metal backups until the end of the weekend.

  • Ledger is offering up to $50 in BTC paid directly to you until Nov 27th.

  • Cryptosteel is offering free shipping and slashing prices by up to 30% on their products until Nov 27th .

  • Bitrefill will have highly discounted items from a selection of almost 10,000 gift cards from Friday onwards.

  • Cryptocloaks is offering a 15% sale on some products.

  • Shieldfolio is offering up to 44% off of their products and free shipping for US orders.

  • Knut Svanholm’s ‘Bitcoin: Everything divided by 21 million’ is discounted by 42%.

  • Anil Patel’s ‘The Bitcoin Handbook: Key Concepts in Economics, Technology & Psychology’ is discounted by 21%.

  • Saifedean Ammous’s ‘The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking 1st Edition’ is discounted by 51%.

  • Brian E. De Mint’s ‘Bitcoin Evangelism: Planting Seeds For The Decentralized Revolution Paperbac’ is discounted by 54%.



  • Tatum Turn Up graces us by releasing ‘Between Two ASICs - Ep. 16 - Steven Lubka’ (7:00 min watch).

  • Satograms was presented by BitcoinCoderBob at Adopting Bitcoin 2023, ‘Message the Entire Lightning Network’ (16:10 min watch).

  • ReasonTV releases short documentary, ‘The future of energy? Brooklyn's bitcoin-heated bathhouse’ (16:22 min watch).

  • Daniel Batten gave a keynote address at Plan ₿ Forum 2023 | Lugano, ‘Why Bitcoin is the World's Best ESG Asset’ (25:46 min watch).

  • Nostrocket presented at Nostrasia 2023, ‘Building a Bitcoin-Based Civilization with Other Stuff’ (26:31 min watch).



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  • Embrace freedom & self-sovereign travel with VilliersJets.com, a private jet charter for Bitcoiners enabling you to fly unscheduled.

  • Hal9 allows you to chat with your enterprise databases using secure generative AI and empower business users in your team to do their own data analyses in seconds.

  • From AI automations to content generation, Constant Contact offers a range of advanced features to help you create highly targeted, effective campaigns without the hassle of writer's block.


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