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Welcome to this week’s Bitcoin Breakdown Quick Bits feature where we curate the most interesting and pertinent Bitcoin snippets from the past week.

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  • Bitcoin price rises above US$42,000 for the first time since April 2022.

  • Unleashed Chat enables fast, private and uncensored AI chat, payable with BTC.

  • Nodeless.io, an open-source BTC payment gateway, shuts down as creator is investigated for running an illegal money transmission business in Communist Canada.

  • FutureBit introduces the Apollo II home miner.

  • Solo bitcoin miner wins the Bitcoin lottery by mining a block and being rewarded with 6.25 BTC.

  • Earn bitcoin by reviewing technical bitcoin transcripts.

  • Start9 launches its Restart Program, which offers powerful, refurbished servers pre-loaded with StartOS at discounts.

  • DEMAND announces the world’s first Stratum V2 mining pool, enhancing Bitcoin’s resistance to censorship by giving individual miners more control over block template construction.

  • Mainstream Media in a comically coordinated fashion releases a slew of news articles purporting to outline Bitcoin’s supposed copious usage of water.

  • PlebDevs releases a new backend course for beginners on Lightning App Development that aims to turn JavaScript beginners into proficient backend developers.

  • Coinkite proposes BBQr protocol that encodes larger files into a series of QR codes so they can cross air gaps.

  • MicroStrategy acquires an additional 16,130 BTC and now holds 174,530 BTC.

  • Standard Chartered Bank reiterates its April forecast that Bitcoin would reach $100,000 by the end of 2024.

  • OCEAN mining pool (‘bitcoin mining as it was meant to be’, i.e. non custodial, publishes block templates before solving them, anti-censorship, etc) raises $6.2M in seed funding, led by Jack Dorsey.

  • Jack Dorsey’s anti-censorship OCEAN bitcoin mining pool accused of censoring ordinals.

  • Samson Mow and the JAN3 team meets with ⁦the president of Colombia to discuss Bitcoin’s potential implementation in social projects in the country.

  • Coinkite releases Bitcoin Mini Guides for Beginners.

  • Bhutan’s secret locations of the world’s largest state-owned bitcoin mines are uncovered by Forbes.

  • AntPool to refund an accidental $3M BTC transaction fee by verifying the claimant through a signing tool.

  • BTCPay Server introduces generating vouchers redeemable for BTC, allowing merchants to sell BTC for cash.

  • Getbit.money enables transferring money from the USA to India instantly with the magic of the Lightning Network.

  • Clark Moody dashboard shows the most important Bitcoin information on one page.

  • Signal, the privacy-focused messaging app, is testing usernames as an alternative to phone numbers.

  • Greece study suggests that utilizing Artificial Intelligence for Bitcoin trading can potentially generate returns 300% higher than long-term holding.

  • Resolvr, decentralized escrow and dispute resolution services for FOSS bounties, has begun its alpha testing phase.

  • Flockstr is a Nostr client for creating and managing calendar events and RSVPs.

  • BitEscrow is a non-custodial escrow service using Bitcoin as a form of programmable collateral, and its blockchain as a global arbitration service.

  • TBDex, a decentralized Bitcoin exchange by Blockstream, officially launches in Africa, aiming to boost financial freedom and accessibility.



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  • BTC Startup Lab releases feature video for their Bitcoin startup bootcamp program (1:32 min watch).

  • Unbankable, a new documentary by Luke Willms, releases its official trailer (1:39 min watch).

  • Heatbit releases promo video, ‘What we really do at Heatbit’ (2:33 min watch).

  • Cardano CEO unironically accuses the SEC of special treatment for Bitcoin in rant (3:03 min watch).

  • Matthew Kratter of Bitcoin University covers OCEAN, the new transparent and permissionless Bitcoin mining pool funded by Jack Dorsey and run by Luke Dashjr (9:40 min watch).

  • Bitcoin Explorers explore the question ‘Is Bitcoin Illegal? The Truth Behind Bitcoin Ban in Turkey’ (10:43 min watch).

  • Nomad Capitalist releases video, ‘Are CBDCs the Final Nail in the Coffin?’ (12:24 min watch)



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