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Welcome to this week’s Bitcoin Breakdown Quick Bits feature where we curate the most interesting and pertinent Bitcoin snippets from the past week.

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  • River launches River Link to simplify BTC transactions by enabling users to send and receive BTC globally via text messages.

  • PlanB Passport releases infographic after thoroughly researching El Salvador's Bitcoin 'Freedom Visa' Program.

  • JAN3 Financial launches new venture aimed at helping nation-states and high-net-worth individuals acquire and secure Bitcoin.

  • Saudi Aramco partners with Japanese finance giant SBI Holdings to explore investing in Digital Assets.

  • Alby custodial Lightning Network accounts goes invite-only for new users.

  • Hut8 acquires four natural gas power plants and a Bitcoin mining site in Ontario from Validus Power Corp.

  • Sotheby’s announces its first Bitcoin Ordinals sale.

  • El Salvador receives regulatory approval for its Bitcoin bonds to be issued in Q1 2024.

  • The Financial Accounting Standards Board officially adopts Fair Value Accounting for Bitcoin for fiscal years beginning after Dec 15, 2024.

  • Cash App releases a new zine called BREAD with the first issue all about reintroducing Bitcoin.

  • Lightning Labs releases new feature called Inbound Liquidity Reports to their Lightning Terminal web app to help monitor inbound liquidity.

  • Strike launches Strike Learn, a repository of information and tutorials on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

  • Start9 launches a new package for self-hosted instances of Mutiny Wallet.

  • Hub21 launches a non-profit bitcoin research and education center and co-working space in Belgrade.

  • Alby has a new user feedback board.

  • Omg21btc creates some Bitcoin plugins for WordPress.

  • Lolli, a bitcoin and cashback rewards platform, secures $8 million in Series B funding led by BITKRAFT Ventures.

  • Trezor launched the Trezor Academy, an educational program in Africa, aimed at spreading Bitcoin knowledge.

  • BitPension, an app that allows Africans to have a pension in Bitcoin, wins the Build for Africa Hackathon.

  • Chaincode Labs launches a hands-on course for creating more FOSS Bitcoin developers.

  • BTC from Satoshi Nakamoto's era moves as price hits $44,000.

  • PlebLab starts a monthly discussion series for builders.

  • Delphi Market is a Lightning Prediction Market MVP.

  • WhyBitcoinOnly, the most comprehensive, psychopathically- categorized collection of Bitcoin education resources on the planet, held an AMA.

  • Tether freezes 41 wallets linked to OFAC sanctions, including several that used the Tornado Cash mixing service.

  • Nostr Eggs allows you to query ChatGPT privately, monetise your data, and access Nostr via custodial login service.

  • Sovereign Engineering Cohort #02 is now open and will entail ‘two months of hacking, building, mentorship, ideation, and discussions on how to build kickass applications, services, and businesses for a self-sovereign future’ on Madeira.

  • Mutiny Wallet releases Nostr Wallet Auth, a decentralized authentication protocol for the Bitcoin wallet tackling privacy and security concerns.



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  • Hodl Hodl releases Baltic Honeybadger 2024 promo video (1:20 min watch).

  • Bitcoin & Friends (the first animated series about Bitcoin) releases sneak peek trailer for season one premiering on January 3, 2024 (1:55 min watch).

  • The Crypto Couple releases, ‘The Most Blunderful Time of the Year’ (2:27 min watch).

  • Mr. HODLtoONE's Bitcoin rap video created entirely with PowerPoint won the Bitcoin Got Talent Show competition (3:08 min watch).

  • Matt Kratter of Bitcoin University sarcastically answers the question, ‘Should You Convert Your Ledger To A Paperweight?’ (4:07 min watch).

  • Only The SAVVY releases ‘Bitcoin Is Now More Powerful Than The US Navy - Michael Saylor’ (5:46 min watch).

  • PlebLab releases video, ‘CASCDR Bolt.Fun Hackathon Project’ (6:36 min watch).

  • Paco De La India Explores Machu Picchu with Bitcoin (and Joe Nakamoto) (9:17 min watch).

  • Naomi Brockwell overviews GrapheneOS in, ‘Make Your Phone More Private’ (19:33 min watch).

  • Blockstream’s Elements Academy releases short video tutorial series on Elements, the open source platform that the Liquid Network is build on (11 videos).





  • Embrace freedom & self-sovereign travel with VilliersJets.com, a private jet charter for Bitcoiners enabling you to fly unscheduled.

  • Hal9 allows you to chat with your enterprise databases using secure generative AI and empower business users in your team to do their own data analyses in seconds.

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