SEC Approves All BTC ETFs, Tick Tock Next Block 🥱⏰


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Welcome to issue #51 of the Bitcoin Breakdown, where we're growing pretty tired of the constant Bitcoin ETF news.

You've likely already heard that the SEC approved all Bitcoin ETFs. The announcement followed a tumultuous 24-hour period, during which a tweet from the SEC's account announced the ETFs' approval on Tuesday. Shortly thereafter, the SEC declared its account had been 'compromised' and labeled the tweet 'unauthorized'.

The price of Bitcoin may or may not surge following this, but remember, Bitcoin serves a purpose far greater than merely boosting the net worth of its holders or those exposed to it. It represents the concept of financial freedom and individual sovereignty. Just stay focused and humble, and steer clear of distractions.

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  • Joe Rodgers analyzes for Bitcoin Magazine what the approval of Bitcoin ETFs might mean in the long run and the rising magnitude of pushback Bitcoin faces as it disrupts traditional monetary systems, which attests to its growing relevance and impact (Jan 8 | 4 min read).

  • Arthur Hayes, ex-con and co-founder of BitMEX, in his most recent piece warns that if too many people purchase Bitcoin ETF shares instead of actual BTC, the network might stop producing enough fees to sustain miners and their energy bills (Jan 4 | 13 min read).

  • Ben The Carman of Mutiny Wallet explains how they are reigniting enthusiasm for the Lightning Network by integrating Fedimint technology, and offering a user-friendly, self-custodial solution that can dynamically share ownership of UTXOs and interoperate with Lightning (Jan 6 | 7 min read).

  • Ian Birrell, writing for UnHerd, delves into the transformative impact of Bitcoin mining on African villages, exploring its potential and pitfalls in driving local economies and challenging traditional power structures (Jan 5 | 7 min read).

  • Jameson Lopp, CTO of Casa, publishes an annual review of Bitcoin's performance in 2023, highlighting key trends, developments, and challenges influencing its future sustainability and growth (Jan 6 | 20 min read).

  • Blockdyor reviews Estonian Bitcoin-focused electronics hardware company, DTV Electronics' CmRat, an alternative and affordable Bitcoin Node that doesn't tie you down to specific hardware or software (Dec 30 | 23 min read).

  • The Bitcoin Manual publishes a coin consolidation guide, showing how it can pave the way for reduced transaction fees and simplified wallet management but also lead to loss of granularity and reduced privacy (Jan 10 | 6 min read).



  • X confirms SEC’s 'Bitcoin ETF' breach was not of any of its systems; SEC failed to use 2-factor authentication on phone.

  • Apollo releases a handy BTC ETF tracker updating on assets, fees, etc.

  • New Scientist joins the righteous ESG bandwagon with a weak hit piece lazily regurgitating all the usual debunked Bitcoin FUD.

  • End The FUD is a bookmark-worthy webpage curating articles debunking Bitcoin FUD by topic.

  • Coinkite releases preview for its COLDCARD Q (reserve yours here).

  • FiatLink by Breez is a free and open source API specification for bitcoin on and off ramps that acts as a standard exchange interface for Lightning wallets and bitcoin brokers.

  • VanEck commits to donating 5% of BTC ETF profits over a decade to Bitcoin core developers.

  • Bitwise commits to donating 10% of BTC ETF profits over a decade to Bitcoin core developers.

  • Bitcoin approved as a unit of account in the free private city jurisdiction of Próspera.

  • Primal, a Nostr client, experiences a DDoS Attack.

  • Mercari, a Japanese e-commerce giant with over 22 million monthly active users, plans to allow users to purchase products in bitcoin by June.

  • Standard Chartered says Bitcoin ETFs could see up to $100B in inflows if SEC approves.

  • The Simplest Bitcoin Book Ever Written launches Geyser campaign to help fund publishing the 2nd edition of this free educational Bitcoin primer.

  • X removes support for NFT profile pictures.

  • Nostr Follower is a website to quickly view the Nostr followers of any public key.

  • Unchained introduces institutional lending service for loans of $3M and beyond with bitcoin as collateral and the least amount of counterparty risk possible.

  • In-person businesses accepting BTC tripled in 2023.

  • Anon spent $66K to inscribe data on BTC, that nobody can read.

  • Anon sent $1.2M of BTC to Satoshi Nakamoto’s Genesis wallet.

  • Plebitor speculates that the $1.2M of BTC sent to Satoshi was by someone (probably nChain) who doesn't like Craig Wright, owes him money, but instead of wiring him a check, just sent it to the bitcoin address he claims to control, to troll him.

  • Rhino Bitcoin App is a comprehensive financial app that allows users to manage Bitcoin transactions, pay bills, borrow money, and invest in retirement accounts.

  • Sulu enables you to monetize your APIs using the Lightning Network.

  • Flare is a video sharing site built on Nostr that lets you upload, view, comment, and like videos from your favorite creators.

  • Arc Map (mapstr) enables you to tag and review locations you love and then share them with others via Nostr.

  • Marathon Digital Holdings sets an industry record by mining 1,853 bitcoin in December 2023.

  • Nebraska introduces a bill safeguarding fundamental Bitcoin rights: self-custody, mining, and running a node.



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  • Galaxy and Invesco releases video celebrating Bitcoin Genesis Block day (1:15 min watch).

  • Richard releases new track, ‘God Candle’ (3:31 min watch).

  • Max Keiser explains on the Mark Moss show there might be an hidden agenda behind the Bitcoin ETF mania, reminiscent of the confiscation of gold back in the 1930s (6:09 min watch).

  • Joe Nakamoto tries his best to be a 'Toxic' Bitcoin Maximalist when attending a Crypto Conference (7:32 min watch).

  • Peruvian Bull releases part 5 of his The Dollar Endgame series, titled ‘Sword of Damocles’ (7:59 min watch).

  • Heatbit founder takes the Mini apart revealing the inner workings of the world’s only home heater-purifier that mines bitcoin at 10 TH/s (15:27 min watch) (get yours today here).

  • Uncle R0ckstar of BTCPay Server posted an updated guide demonstrating PayJoin, CoinJoin, and mixing to cold storage (22:39 min watch).




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