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  • The End of Faketoshi? 🤡, Livera On Ordinals 🦘, Foreseeing A Bitcoin-Dominant World 🌐

The End of Faketoshi? 🤡, Livera On Ordinals 🦘, Foreseeing A Bitcoin-Dominant World 🌐

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  • Paul Grewal, chief legal officer and corporate secretary at Coinbase, makes a call to halt Craig Wright's aggressive pursuits against Bitcoin developers denying his false claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto, underscoring the risks it poses to the decentralized nature and innovation in the community (Jan 31 | 5 min read).

  • Stephan Livera, writing for Swan Bitcoin, discusses the impact of Ordinals and Inscriptions on Bitcoin transactions, suggesting that despite concerns, these developments may not pose systemic issues but rather necessitate adaptation to maintain Bitcoin's utility and value (Jan 24 | 13 min read).

  • Michele Uberti, an Italian financial advisor, underscores the potential transformative impacts of a global shift to a Bitcoin-based economy on various societal aspects, including banking, macroeconomics, geopolitics, and the energy market, highlighting both the challenges and opportunities of moving away from traditional fiat currencies (Jan 25 | 8 min read).

  • Margot Paez, distinguished fellow at the Bitcoin Policy Institute, destroys the facade of the United Nations University’s recent study on bitcoin mining in her incisive critique, titled 'Brandolini’s Law in Action: An Analysis of the United Nations University’s Bitcoin Mining' (Jan 23 | 40 min read).

  • Avik Roy, Senior Advisor to the Bitcoin Policy Institute, publishes an op-ed in Forbes highlighting that ETF approvals further cement bitcoin’s regulatory status in the US and would complicate attempts at a more adversarial posture from regulators (Jan 24 | 6 min read).

  • Dr. Rupert L. Matthews of Nottingham Business School, writing for Bitcoin Policy UK, critiques the potential flaw in the UK's draft regulations on Bitcoin, suggesting that it may inadvertently impede the development of its domestic crypto industry (Feb 1 | 26 min read).

  • Athena Alpha's review of Opendime provides an in-depth analysis of its pros and cons, highlighting its unique feature of allowing users to physically hand over bitcoin like cash without fees, confirmation delays, or blockchain records, making it distinct from other wallets (Jan 31 | 14 min read).



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  • US Department of Energy announces ‘emergency' data collection initiative targeting US Bitcoin Miners starting next week.

  • Bitcoin’s 12-month annualized volatility falls to 45% — the lowest level in 12 years.

  • Bitcoin network achieves one million active addresses, signaling increased adoption.

  • Bitcoin whales increase holdings by $3B in January.

  • UK Supreme court rejects Faketoshi's appeal in his libel case against Bitcoin podcaster Peter McCormack.

  • El Salvador vice president says the country will stay committed to Bitcoin after their national election, regardless of IMF blackmail attempts.

  • German police confiscate 50,000 BTC valued at over $2B from the operators of defunct movie streaming portal, Movie2k, according to new information release recently.

  • UK police confiscate nearly $1.8B in BTC linked to a Chinese investment fraud, court told in trial involving money laundering accusations.

  • Argentina’s president Javier Milei drops crypto tax plan.

  • Machankura announces a Bitcoin Java Card project at the inaugural Adopting Bitcoin Cape Town conference that enables feature phones to become bitcoin self-custodial devices.

  • Shuken promotes ‘Not your node, not your rules’, helping individuals run a bitcoin node, and aims to reach 1 million Bitcoin nodes by 2030.

  • Satsymbol.org by Bitkit counts down the days before unveiling their new proposed symbol for the satoshi unit.

  • Dmpling is a content monetization platform that empowers creators to earn sats for their content and also rewards viewers for sharing.

  • BitcoinVoucherBot is a Telegram bot where you can purchase BTC and receive directly to your Alby Lightning address.

  • Swan Bitcoin announce their Bitcoin mining arm as they prepare to go public.

  • Swan CEO Cory Kippsten signals his virtue by directing over 500 PH/s to Ordinals-censoring Ocean pool.

  • Finland’s FBI says they successfully tracked Monero transactions.

  • Base58 ships its crypto and digital signatures course for Bitcoin developers on Udemy (coupon inside).

  • Portal raises $34M from Coinbase Ventures for Bitcoin-based cross-chain atomic swaps DEX.

  • Pollofeed lets you pay for chicken feed to be automatically dispensed to chickens using the Lightning Network, and then watch them eat.

  • Bitcoin Battleship is an online game where you must sink the traditional bank's central point of failure before it sinks your decentralized network.

  • Taproot Wizards delays 'Quantum Cats' sale for second time, after messy Bitcoin NFT debut.

  • Mostro is a marketplace for BTC P2P on/off-ramp on Nostr.

  • Geyser releases new ‘Rewards’ features, enabling projects using the platform to offer limited edition rewards and providing them with a dashboard to manage orders.

  • US files notice to sell $130M in Bitcoin associated with the infamous Silk Road seizures.

  • British Dark Web Kingpin forfeits $340M in Bitcoin and pleads guilty to drug empire charges.



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  • Michael Saylor explains in an X space why Bitcoin is going to $5 Million (2:45 min watch).

  • Blockstream releases short on the difference between custodial and non-custodial Lightning utilization and how their Greenlight wallet allows developers to integrate lightning infrastructure without the burden of node management (3:41 min watch).

  • CoinTracking releases step-by-step tutorial for beginners on how to set up and use a BitBox02 Hardware Wallet (22:24 min watch).

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