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  • Faketoshi Hammered In Court 🔨, AI Obsoletes KYC 🤖, Hawaii Deregulates Bitcoin 🏝️

Faketoshi Hammered In Court 🔨, AI Obsoletes KYC 🤖, Hawaii Deregulates Bitcoin 🏝️

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  • Jameson Lopp explores the patterns in which Bitcoin node operators upgrade, recommending plug and play node software to explore notification methods to warn operators when software is out of date (Feb 4 | 6 min read).

  • Aeon publishes a poorly researched essay by Rachel O’Dwyer discussing the ‘paradox of crypto’ (sadly, conflated with Bitcoin throughout the piece) when selling ‘itself’ as the new American dream, yet exposing the vulnerable to fraud and scams (Feb 6 | 14 min read).

  • DarthCoin publishes an accessible guide on using Zeus mobile, a Bitcoin Lightning node manager, illustrating its installation process, troubleshooting issues, and demonstrating its user-friendly interface (Feb 4 | 20 min read).

  • Hashrate Index releases an in-depth review of the Antminer S21, examining its improved functionality, design, and efficiency in Bitcoin mining compared to previous models (Feb 7 | 10 min read).

  • Milensu Kapaipi of Tikula Research Network publishes independent report exploring how Bitcoin mining can help solve the grid sustainability challenges faced by many African countries that have difficulties in extending electricity access to remote and low income areas (Jan 31 | 35 min read).

  • Casa publishes an insightful guide on understanding and managing your UTXOs, which are crucial for maintaining Bitcoin transaction privacy and efficiency (Feb 3 | 8 min read).



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  • SovereignBeat is the ultimate source for navigating global finance markets and geopolitics in simple bites.

  • eBiz Insider gives top tips, insights and opportunities to build your own online business.

  • The Future Party brings you the latest news and trends on business, entertainment, and culture.

  • Agent.ai dishes up dots of thoughts on where AI is headed.

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  • Faketoshi nailed in court for forging documents to support his false claims.

  • OnlyFake causes outcry in enabling AI generated fake IDs to bypass useless, privacy-infringing KYC measures at exchanges.

  • Hawaii deregulates Bitoin at state level.

  • Fidelity adds their Bitcoin ETF into their conservative multi-asset fund, which if emulated by further US multi-asset funds might trigger a massive re-pricing in Bitcoin.

  • Nayib Bukele is re-elected as El Salvador President in landslide win, promising to continue snubbing Bitcoin-weary IMF and US officials.

  • Tri Bitcoin (co-organizer of the first ever Adopting BTC Cape Town conference) starts Geyser page to fund promoting Bitcoin awareness and adoption through triathlons.

  • Zapit enables you to easily paywall any content using the Lightning network and Nostr.

  • BitKit unveils and advocates the ‘best’ symbol for sats to henceforth be ‘₿’.

  • South Korea mandates ‘virtual asset operators’ to report transaction details and keep at least 80% of their assets in cold storage or face life imprisonment.

  • MicroStrategy acquired 850 bitcoin for $37.2M in January and now holds a total of 190,000 BTC.

  • Citrea introduces a zero-knowledge Bitcoin rollup for scaling to ensure on-chain verifiability and maintain security without altering consensus rules.

  • Valkyrie becomes first to diversify its Bitcoin ETF custody by adding custodian BitGo alongside Coinbase in risk mitigation move.

  • Forbes publishes article on how Lebanon's economic turmoil has led to increased interest in Bitcoin for its inflation hedge and self-custody benefits.

  • Banco is a decentralized exchange protocol on top of Liquid enabling non-interactive atomic swaps, paving the way for KYC-less trades.

  • Bitcoin 'Power Law' by astrophysicist predicts $1M BTC price by 2033.

  • BTC On-chain volume in January was higher than any month since September 2022.

  • Yakihonne is a Nostr web client and mobile app for publishing anti-censorship long-form content and low-cost production support on Nostr.

  • ARK Invest advises institutions to increase BTC allocation to 19.4% for optimized risk-adjusted returns.

  • Genesis attempts to sell $1.4B in GBTC shares amid bankruptcy, potentially adding more GBTC sell pressure and cheaper sats for longer.

  • Marina is the world's first browser extension to access the Liquid Network.

  • Replit CEO posts Bitcoin-native bounty, rewarding Bitcoin app creation with BTC payment.

  • FTX customers to be repaid at $16,871 BTC prices, the reigning price on November 11, 2022, when FTX originally petitioned for bankruptcy protection.



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  • River releases an awesome short video explaining Bitcoin self-custody and UTXOs (1:29 min watch).

  • Parker Lewis explains in presentation delivered during the recent 'Bitcoin for Local Businesses' event why bitcoin is the solution to money printing (18:33 min watch).

  • Adopting BTC Cape Town uploads all the talks from recent conference into playlists Day 1 & Day 2.




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