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  • Bitcoin Price Surges To ATH, Crashing Coinbase 🚀 & Morgan Stanley To FOMO Into Bitcoin 🏦

Bitcoin Price Surges To ATH, Crashing Coinbase 🚀 & Morgan Stanley To FOMO Into Bitcoin 🏦

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Greetings Bitcoiner,

Welcome to issue #58 of the Bitcoin Breakdown, where we are nudging you to start planning accordingly in the face of the inevitable collapse of the fiat Reich - #StudyBitcoin.

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  • Pete Rizzo, Bitcoin Historian, explains why Martti Malmi, who recently released over 100+ never-before-seen emails between himself and Satoshi Nakamoto, is a Bitcoin legend (Feb 27 | 2 min read).

  • Hector Alvaro of Rhino Bitcoin offers some tips for orange pilling pre-coiners who reach out during a bull market to learn more about Bitcoin, starting with a couple of approaches to avoid and how to engage them instead (Feb 22 | 6 min read).

  • Michael Matulef, an Austrian Economics scholar, explores Bitcoin's ideological origins and its tension between remaining a tool for financial freedom and needed mainstream adoption for stability and growth (Feb 23 | 6 min read).

  • Bitcoin News argues that for widespread adoption and stability, Bitcoin needs to become 'boring'—a regular part of everyday transactions, rather than be perceived as a speculative investment (Feb 26 | 6 min read).

  • Athena Alpha explores the complex concept of Bitcoin's inherent value, arguing it depends on various factors such as the overall risk tolerance, assets, and future expectations of every individual investor (Feb 25 | 18 min read).

  • Bruce Fenton, Bitcoin OG, advocates for the abolition of Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer regulations, arguing they are ineffective, costly, and infringe on personal liberties (Feb 27 | 3 min read).

  • Joe Rodgers, writing for Bitcoin Magazine, explores how one would go about sabotaging Bitcoin if you were a government agent, and elucidates on the potential harm that internal dissent and misinformation campaigns can cause to the Bitcoin community (Feb 28 | 10 min read).



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  • Bitcoin's price surges to $64k as a new all-time high is widely expected before the halving event.

  • Coinbase experiences a system crash coupled with an app outage, leading to widespread user panic as Bitcoin’s price surges.

  • Morgan Stanley evaluates FOMO’ing into spot Bitcoin ETFs for its giant brokerage platform.

  • Marathon announces launch of its own sidechain called Anduro, ‘a multi-chain layer two network on Bitcoin’.

  • Bitcoin ETFs hit volume record of $7.6B as of market close on Wednesday.

  • BlackRock quantitative analyst suggests a 28% allocation to Bitcoin would not be ‘unreasonable’ for a conservative investor, while speaking at a private Bitcoin event hosted by BlackRock.

  • Spiral is hosting the first LDK hackathon at Advancing Bitcoin in London from March 13–15 to learn new skills, network with other developers, and compete for bitcoin. (Get 15% off of your ticket with discount code: btcbreakdown here).

  • Spot Bitcoin ETFs sets a new daily trading volume record of $2.4B on Monday, surpassing their previous high on launch day.

  • Bitcoiners are coordinating to each stack $21 worth of Bitcoin in solidarity on April 20th, the anticipated day of the halving.

  • Mystery whale buys $1.3B in Bitcoin, sparking speculation on who it could be that would take such a large swing so suddenly.



  • New Bitcoin ETFs surpass 300k BTC holdings in under two months.

  • Michael Saylor makes $700M in only three days amid surge in Bitcoin’s price.

  • Texas judge issues a temporary restraining order against the US Department of Energy's emergency survey on Bitcoin mining.

  • Tom Emmer, US House Majority Whip, sharply criticizes the Biden Admin for invasive ‘emergency survey’ of Bitcoin miners.

  • Reddit discloses in its filings with the SEC that it uses excess cash for investments in Bitcoin to hold on the balance sheet.

  • Botev Plovdiv partners with JAN3 to fully integrate Bitcoin–becoming the first Bitcoin-native top sports club, and to spearhead widespread adoption in Bulgaria.

  • Block joins Microstrategy in strong EY results due to a Bitcoin strategy.

  • MicroStrategy's X account appears to have been hacked, with phishing messages potentially leading to the theft of at least $440k.

  • US Senators led by Ted Cruz introduce legislation to restrict the creation of a digital dollar by the Federal Reserve without Congress approval.

  • Jimmy Zhong pleads guilty in historic Silk Road $3.36B Bitcoin theft case.

  • South African comedian Trevor Noah labels not buying Bitcoin early as potentially his biggest mistake in life.

  • Fairshake, a crypto-friendly Super PAC, receives over $85M in support from then Winklevoss brothers, Andreessen Horowitz, and leading crypto firms.

  • OpenSats announces Fourth Wave of Bitcoin Grants for impactful open-source projects in the Bitcoin ecosystem enabling a future of sound and permissionless money.

  • Argentine president Javier Milei proposes penalties for central bank's money issuance to curb inflation and boost financial security.

  • Carson Group, a $30B registered investment adviser platform, greenlights spot Bitcoin ETFs from BlackRock, Fidelity, Bitwise, and Franklin Templeton.



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  • Phoenix Wallet rolls out Swaproot, a feature update making use of Taproot, MuSig2, and output descriptors for cheaper and more private on-chain deposits.

  • Voltage redesigns its Bitcoin Development Platform with added team features and enterprise pricing for enhanced decentralized application functionality.

  • Jack Mallers announces the launch of Strike Africa, which expands Strike's full suite of Bitcoin services (and a US KYC regime) into Gabon, Ivory Coast, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, and Zambia.

  • Fountain now enables sharing any clip as an eye-catching video with captions in portrait or square format - perfect for Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok.

  • Fountain also launches Fountain Radio, a community station for music, powered by Bitcoin.

  • Amboss releases Reflex, an OFAC-compliant (sic) oversight and management platform for the Lightning Network.

  • Plebwork is a newly launched freelance marketplace where freelancers get paid in Bitcoin.

  • Orange Pill App introduces a web app, making it more accessible and censorship-resistant than ever before.

  • Relai Lightning Wallet will launch on Product Hunt next week - be sure to support them!



  • Hack0 is an open-source Bitcoin Node for vendors who want to self-host their own BTCPay Server in a noncustodial and trustless way.

  • uBlog is a minimalist micro-blogging platform on Nostr.

  • PayPerQ is a vanilla ChatGPT4 experience which operates on a pay-per-query model via lightning payments.

  • B is for Bosa, a Bitcoin circular economy project in the city of Bosa (Italy), is now on Geyser where you can support them.

  • Bitcoiner Freelance, the non-KYC platform that enables anyone to sell services or buy services online using bitcoin, is now also on Geyser.

  • Bit Intelligence, the YouTube channel that unravels the mysteries of Bitcoin using the latest and greatest AI visualization tools, is now also on Geyser.

  • NOSH, the open source, Nostr based client that can parse Electronic Health Records and be used for care coordination for vulnerable populations, is now also on Geyser.

  • Formstr, a decentralized forms application, built on top of nostr, featuring verifiable encryption, easy self-hosting, and great UI, is now also on Geyser.

  • Nostr Nests, which enables chatting, jamming, micro-conferences, and live podcast recordings, releases version 2.0 beta.

  • Wikifreedia is a Nostr-based alternative to Wikipedia where users can view what others have written, fork, and vote which version is right.

  • Blink introduces a new plug-in for BTCPay Server, enabling merchants to accept Lightning Payments without needing to run a node.





  • Embrace freedom & self-sovereign travel with VilliersJets.com, a private jet charter for Bitcoiners enabling you to fly unscheduled.

  • Australia's premier Bitcoin only experience, Bitcoin Alive, is back on March 23 in Sydney, Australia (the code BTCBREAKDOWN gives you 10% off of single tickets for both fiat and BTC payments).

  • You also don’t want to miss BitBlockBoom, April 11th-14th 2024 in Dallas, Texas (get 10% off of tickets if you use code btcbreakdown).


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