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  • Bitcoin Reaches New ATH 🚀, Bitcoin Flips Silver 🔄, Bitcoin Converts World Economic Forum 🌍

Bitcoin Reaches New ATH 🚀, Bitcoin Flips Silver 🔄, Bitcoin Converts World Economic Forum 🌍

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Greetings Bitcoiner,

Welcome to issue #59 of the Bitcoin Breakdown, where there are so many positive developments in the Bitcoin space of late that it's hard to keep up!

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  • Balaji S. Srinivasan, author of The Network State, analyzes Bitcoin's purpose which goes beyond technological innovation to become a tool of political revolution aimed at dismantling centralized power structures (Mar 2 | 4 min read).

  • Jameson Lopp, CTO of Casa, provides a comprehensive set of 21 tips, designed to guide Bitcoin users on the best practices to secure their stash and mitigate various security risks (Mar 2 | 11 min read).

  • The BBC illustrates and compares ‘Bitcoin whales’ based on estimates gathered from direct research and published information, giving a good overview of how Bitcoin is distributed (Mar 1 | 10 min read).

  • Athena Alpha explores and breaks down misconceptions about Bitcoin, asserting its legitimacy and security while navigating the intricacies of its operation, adoption, and value propositions (Feb 29 | 13 min read).

  • Scoresby on Stacker News explores the origins of the ‘have fun staying poor’ (HFSP) meme, and reflects on its decline, showing how it also predates social media (Feb 28 | 7 min read).

  • Bitcoin Fortress explores 10 quotes by prominent Austrian economists linking each to fundamental concepts in Bitcoin including individual sovereignty, decentralized systems, and sound monetary policy (Mar 3 | 4 min read).

  • Dillon Healy discusses Bitpacs (Bitcoin-based publicly auditable cooperatives) which are multisig wallets with carefully crafted Bitcoin transactions to achieve functionalities similar to DAOs while offering a more decentralized experience (Mar 1 | 5 min read).

  • Joko of BitBox delves into covenants, a type of spending condition that introduces new options for how Bitcoin transactions can be spent, and illustrates in simple terms CheckTemplateVerify (CTV) and CheckTXHASH (Feb 29 | 7 min read).



Bitcoin Perception specializes in delivering comprehensive analyses of how Bitcoin is perceived across online platforms and media discussions by tracking the volume and tone of Bitcoin mentions, monitoring key topics, and measuring trends.

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  • Bitcoin's price hits a new all-time high of $69,200 and then flash crash to wipe out $1B in ‘speculative excess’ from markets.

  • Bitcoin market cap sets a new all-time high above $1.3T, momentarily flipping silver.

  • World Economic Forum highlights Bitcoin mining's potential for clean energy, job creation, and conservation efforts in the Democratic Republic of Congo's national forest.

  • CryptoQuant shows that, right before Bitcoin reached its new ATH, 1,000 BTC was sent to Coinbase by an address that had been mining BTC back in 2010.

  • BRICS nations reportedly developing a joint payment system using digital currencies and blockchain technology.

  • 97% of Bitcoin wallet addresses are in profit for the first time in over two years.

  • Anil Patel, author of The Bitcoin Handbook, makes his Bitcoin Course containing two hours of animated video content, freely available.

  • NiceHash introduces fully automated, instant Lightning Network payouts for all its miners.

  • MicroStrategy to raise $600M to buy more Bitcoin.

  • Bitdeer develops a 4nm Bitcoin mining chip with enhanced mining performance and minimized power consumption for upcoming rigs.

  • The Biden administration rescinds the unfounded ‘emergency’ declaration on Bitcoin mining and eliminates unlawfully collected data.

  • Coinbase experiences another glitch showing $0 balances for some users amid increased trading activity.

  • Coinbase reports that Texas voters are inclined to support presidential candidates who support Bitcoin.



  • Robert Kennedy Jr. praises Bitcoin as an escape from inflation and a crucial tool for achieving transactional freedom.

  • Craig Wright may have used a pre-configured laptop in a key-signing ceremony to prove he is Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

  • Stanford University’s Blyth Fund buys Bitcoin.

  • The Bitcoin Students Network launches at Bitcoin Atlantis to unite student groups worldwide and foster a vibrant community around Bitcoin.

  • Anthony Scaramucci, former White House Director of Communications, compares Bitcoin to Berkshire Hathaway.

  • United Kingdom grants law enforcement agencies powers to freeze cryptocurrency assets suspected of being used in criminal activities, even without a conviction.

  • Orange Domains to expand the use cases of Bitcoin Name System (BNS) domains while creating more interconnectivity with traditional DNS-based domains.

  • Nigeria imposes Binance with a $10B fine for allegedly causing the local Niara currency's recent plunge against major currencies.

  • Wells Fargo and Bank of America’s Merrill Lynch now offer access to Bitcoin ETFs to select wealth management clients upon request.

  • 21Shares and Chainlink team up to roll out proof-of-reserve for spot Bitcoin ETF ARKB.

  • Chinese state media cautions against engaging in cryptocurrency trading amidst a surge in domestic interest fuelled by the Bitcoin rally.



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  • Mutiny Wallet is now available for Android and iOS.

  • Samourai Wallet launches Nextblock.is for more accurate transaction fee estimation.

  • MetaMask integrates Bitcoin for the first time via the ShapeShift Multichain Snap (which is basically like swimming before the creation of water lol).

  • Brave Wallet also incorporates Bitcoin support to offer its 60M users direct access to the only money that matters.

  • Lightning Tic Tac Toe is an online game with multiplayer strategy running on the Lightning Network.

  • Jippi is an interactive educational app for beginners to earn and learn about Bitcoin.

  • Twenty-Two is a hardware wallet that doesn’t need any power as it uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to do everything - available for pre-order.

  • Flash is a Lightning-powered payment gateway that enables you to now subscribe in Bitcoin to Geyser Fund projects.



  • Bitnob now supports transfers to and from Uganda.

  • Prism is a non-custodial Nostr Zap app and Discord Zap Bot, built on top of Nostr Wallet Connect that can make payments to multiple parties in a single click.

  • sats.mobi Telegram-based Lightning wallet now includes a Point of Sale applet, which doubles as a link that can be opened in any browser.

  • Debifi launches the open beta for its non-custodial bitcoin-backed lending platform.

  • Voltage Cloud releases redesigned dashboard, teams feature and updated pricing to create a unified Bitcoin development and payments platform for teams and organizations.

  • Bitcoin Vs Stocks is a free and open-source tool that compares Bitcoin's performance against stocks for the last 9 years.

  • Triible is a new Lightning-native parimutuel sports betting platform.

  • Cypher Space provides a free Bitcoin-only flat file system to compete with WordPress and Shopify.

  • Athena Alpha's Bitcoin Profit Calculator helps you see how much profit (or loss) you might have at any particular selling price.

  • Radentor curates an Atomic Swap Directory and a Wallets directory on Stacker News.





  • Embrace freedom & self-sovereign travel with VilliersJets.com, a private jet charter for Bitcoiners enabling you to fly unscheduled.

  • Australia's premier Bitcoin only experience, Bitcoin Alive, is back on March 23 in Sydney, Australia (the code BTCBREAKDOWN gives you 10% off of single tickets for both fiat and BTC payments).

  • You also don’t want to miss BitBlockBoom, April 11th-14th 2024 in Dallas, Texas (get 10% off of tickets if you use code btcbreakdown).


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