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  • Rockefellers Capitulate On Bitcoin 🔄, Biden Proposes 30% BTC Mining Tax 🔨, Trump Reluctant To Restrict BTC Use 🇺🇸

Rockefellers Capitulate On Bitcoin 🔄, Biden Proposes 30% BTC Mining Tax 🔨, Trump Reluctant To Restrict BTC Use 🇺🇸

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  • Rockefeller International Chair Ruchir Sharma joins the chorus of elites tired of being wrong and concedes that ‘bitcoin bulls have been proved mostly right about its prospects as a long-term investment’.

  • Biden Administration proposes a 30% excise tax on Bitcoin miners in a move reminiscent of last year's proposals that were not enacted by Congress.

  • Donald Trump acknowledges Bitcoin as an 'additional form of currency' and expresses reluctance to restrict its use due to its growing popularity and independence.

  • JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon pledges to defend people's right to buy BTC despite personal reservations but expresses caution amidst the recent price surge.

  • Bitcoin breaks through $73,000, approximately 36 days before the halving, in the process creating approximately 1,500 wallet millionaires daily.

  • Craig Wright is ruled not to be Satoshi Nakamoto by Judge James Mellor in the UK after a lawsuit against Wright, accusing him of massive document forgery to support his claim.

  • Peter Schiff says he regrets not buying Bitcoin in 2010.

  • El Salvador publishes its Bitcoin wallet address and then transfers the full 5,276 BTC to a cold wallet in a physical vault within its national territory.

  • Bitcoin mining difficulty hits record high of 83.95T.

  • Bitcoin whale books $217M profit after BTC breaks $73,000.

  • MicroStrategy announces raising $500M to purchase more BTC, days after closing on an $800M capital raise, also to buy BTC.

  • Grayscale seeks to launch a ‘mini’ spot Bitcoin ETF for tax-exempt Bitcoin exposure, separate from their main GBTC fund.

  • The Lightning Network's USD capacity hits a record $325M, a 37% rise in the last month while Bitcoin capacity on the network decreases by 5%.

  • 25 top organizations table a petition to create an official Bitcoin emoji, and you can vote to support the initiative.

  • Arizona State Senate considers adding BTC ETFs to state retirement portfolios.

  • Bitfarms, a Canadian Bitcoin miner, boosts its hash rate to 21EH/s, about 3% of the Bitcoin network, by buying 51,908 ASIC miners.

  • CryptoQuant's Ki Young Ju forecasts a Bitcoin liquidity crisis and market surge within the next six months due to heightened demand from institutional investors and a diminishing supply of Bitcoin.

  • Visual Capitalist explains the upcoming fourth Bitcoin halving with stunning infographics.

  • VanEck slashes all sponsor fees to zero for the first $1.5B in its Bitcoin Trust ETF due to significant inflows into US spot Bitcoin ETFs since their launch in January.

  • Drake shares a Michael Saylor interview on Bitcoin’s potential with his 146M Instagram followers.

  • Arkham Intelligence claims to identify Bitcoin addresses for Tesla and SpaceX, revealing a combined holding of 19,794 BTC.

  • Bill Ackman, the billionaire founder of Pershing Square Capital Management, hints at Bitcoin's potential for unprecedented price surges and expresses interest in buying.

  • UK's Financial Conduct Authority permits Recognised Investment Exchanges to introduce a market segment for digital asset-backed ETNs and will accept applications for Bitcoin-backed ETNs in Q2, 2024.

  • Emir of Qatar's visit to El Salvador, meeting with President Nayib Bukele fuels more rumors of Qatar's potential Bitcoin accumulation.

  • El Salvador strengthens its position as a pioneer in Bitcoin-based capital markets by lifting KYC limits for purchases from $200 to $25,000.

  • Google search interest for Bitcoin peaks since Terra Luna's collapse in May 2022, which suggests the return of retail investors.



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  • Richard releases new hit, ‘3.125 - Man Like Kweks, Reel Richard’ (March 11 | 2:46 min watch).

  • Ser Urlic of Swan discusses how Gresham's law is rooted in the comparison between competing commodity money and what it means for Bitcoin while underscoring Bitcoin's role as an exit strategy from fiat currency systems (Feb 28 | 9:02 min watch).

  • Matthew Kratter of Bitcoin University analyzes how it is never too late to buy BTC because it is an excellent savings technology while fiat money will continue to depreciate, as all fiat currencies trend towards zero over time (March 13 | 9:20 min watch)

  • Jeff Booth author of The Price of Tomorrow, delivers a powerful speech at Bitcoin Atlantis recently held in Madeira, discussing Bitcoin as a revolutionary discovery challenging conventional economic and political systems, and promoting decentralized abundance (March 3 | 25:00 min watch).

  • Jack Maller’s must watch keynote presentation at the Bitcoin Atlantis is titled ‘Bitcoin 101: Satoshi's Innovation’ and dives into understanding how gold is stuck in the ground while Bitcoin is stuck in the future (March 7 | 29:00 min watch).



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