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Welcome to issue #63 of the Bitcoin Breakdown, where we are very aware of the fact that the halving is only ~24 days away.

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  • Jimmy Song, author of Programming Bitcoin, critiques ordinals, arguing they lack genuine value, are akin to altcoins, and they deceptively associate with Bitcoin's success while undermining its core principles (March 22 | 7 min read).

  • Balaji Srinivasan, author of The Network State, declares people should view Bitcoin versus the US dollar as the true election arguing that Bitcoin represents a vote against the traditional financial system (March 17 | 6 min read).

  • @runningbitcoin, in a Stacker News post, reviews Mutiny Wallet which has features such as built-in Lightning Service Provider and Nostr integration, and walks us through getting started with it (March 17 | 7 min read).

  • BTCPay, a self-hosted Bitcoin payments processor, releases a case study of The Bitcoin Atlantis Conference recently held in Madeira, where it processed over 8,750 transactions worth €115,100 in just 3 days (March 20 | 5 min read).

  • Dragonfly, a leading investment fund releases its 2023 Crypto Compensation Report wherein it sheds light on salary, equity, and token compensation trends within the industry (March 19 | 17 min read).

  • Daniel Batten, a Bitcoin ESG investor checks Greenpeace USA for undermining its credibility for using data in their latest hit piece on Bitcoin mining which was refuted by recent data and peer-reviewed research (March 20 | 3 min read).

  • Ivan Serrano, a technology writer, argues the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs significantly restructured Bitcoin markets, signaling a new era of mainstream adoption and credibility for Bitcoin as an asset class (March 21 | 11 min read).

  • David Veksler, founder of The Bitcoin Consultancy, explores the victory of small blockers in the Bitcoin debate, highlighting their successful defense of decentralization as a key driving force (March 20 | 9 min read).

  • Shinobi, co-host of the What Bitcoin Did show, introduces Mercury Wallet's layered lightning protocol, Latch, designed to perform trustless Bitcoin transactions quickly, securely and with low fees (March 18 | 6 min read).

  • Daniel Kuhn, writing for Coindesk, explores a perceived declining toxicity in Bitcoin maximalism, illustrating an evolving narrative driven by inclusivity and cooperation within the broader ecosystem (March 18 | 4 min read).

  • Colin Harper, head of research at Luxor Technology, discusses how Bitcoin miners have adapted to technological advancements and environmental concerns by embracing NFTs to sustain profitable mining operations (March 15 | 7 min read).

  • @Beautyon, a Bitcoin writer on Medium, discusses the recent shift in stance towards Bitcoin in Great Britain, highlighting the change in narrative from skepticism to embracing Bitcoin as the future (March 22 | 6 min read).



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  • Super Testnet releases Hedgehog: a protocol for two party payment channels that are similar to lightning channels but with a few comparative benefits such as offline receive capabilities.

  • CryptoSteel now enables you to customise engravings and personalize packaging.

  • Phoenix releases Phoenixd, a minimal, Lightning node for sending and receiving Lightning payments without compromising self-custody.

  • The Bitcoin Company launches an API to enable instant cross-border payments between Mexico and Brazil.

  • Strike introduces Strike BLACK, a suite of tools for developers and businesses to integrate Bitcoin easily.

  • Samourai launches the first phase of its decentralized Whirlpool coordinator infrastructure.

  • The Bitcoin Mining Hub launches The Global Bitcoin Mining Pulse Survey for miners to check their profitability rank against other miners globally.

  • StratumV2 releases version 1.0.0 of its reference implementation with updates and functionalities that support Bitcoin mining’s long-term censorship resistance.

  • UmbrelOS launches on ProductHunt and is a free home cloud OS you can use to run your own Bitcoin node.

  • BitCan is a durable and affordable DIY solution for securing your Bitcoin mnemonic seed phrases.

  • Hack0 is a fully open-source Bitcoin node for vendors who want to self-host their own BTCpay server.

  • Bitcoin Fees by Jonas Schnelli is an Apple iOS and WatchOS app that shows real-time Bitcoin transaction fees.

  • Workit is an Apple iOS app that rewards users with Bitcoin for physical activity like walking and running.

  • Keystache by Resolvr, is a desktop app that keeps all of your nostr keys in one application for easy access and effective event signing.

  • is a built-in point-of-sell system within Telegram for easy Bitcoin Lightning payments without having to install anything.

  • Cypher is a free Bitcoin-based content management system that's an alternative to WordPress and Shopify.

  • Start9 launches FreeGPT-2 on its officially supported marketplace, enabling users to self-host their GPT-based chatbot functions.



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