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  • FBI orders Google to provide information on all viewers of select YouTube videos to identify a Bitcoin user who potentially ran afoul of money laundering laws and regulations surrounding unlicensed money transmitting.

  • London Stock Exchange announces it will roll out a market for Bitcoin exchange-traded notes (ETN) on May 28.

  • IMF demands Pakistan impose a capital gains tax on Bitcoin as a condition to receive a $3B bailout package.

  • ABC News of Australia runs story on Fakestoshi titled, ‘The Australian liar who claimed to be the creator of bitcoin.’

  • Patrick Hansen, Circle's EU strategy and policy director, debunks reports about EU planning to ban anonymous crypto wallets and self-custodial payments.

  • Team of seven researchers from various US universities develop a side-channel attack 'GoFetch', that can be used to steal crypto keys from M1, M2, and M3 Apple computers.

  • Chinese takeaway worker with 61,000 BTC gets convicted of money laundering on behalf of an international fraudster.

  • Runestone creators, a popular Bitcoin ordinals project, send the largest inscription mined to date to Satoshi Nakamoto's wallet.

  • 'Build on Bitcoin' startup secures $10M during its seed funding round, led by Castle Island Ventures, to advance hybrid L2.

  • Nayib Bekele's release of El Salvador's Bitcoin address reveals Bitfinex as their preferred exchange platform for daily BTC purchases.

  • THORChain hits $10B monthly volume as Bitcoin maxis dispute its safety.

  • LAPD cracks down on a Bitcoin mining rigs theft worth $6.9M; three suspects in custody.

  • Bitcoin halving spurs migration of older Bitcoin mining machines from the US to buyers in developing countries.

  • Arkham Intelligence reveals Grayscale's Bitcoin Trust reserves are likely to be depleted within three months.

  • Iceland's Prime Minister expresses a desire to prevent Bitcoin mining in the country saying it uses more electricity than households.

  • Fifth-richest Bitcoin whale moves BTC worth $6B for the first time since 2019.

  • SWIFT, the global bank messaging network, plans to launch a central bank digital currency platform in less than two years.

  • Roger Ver declines Adam Back's request to return to Bitcoin, says he's sticking with Bitcoin Cash.

  • El Salvador's Bitcoin holdings pass $400M following the country's commitment to building a circular Bitcoin economy.

  • Arkham Intelligence positions 'Mr 100,' Bitcoin whale, as a seasoned player whose identity ranges from a Hong Kong financial institution to a tech titan.

  • Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commision to allow in-kind creations and redemptions for Bitcoin ETFs.

  • Nilam Resources, a little-known investment company, touts $1.7B Bitcoin purchase, pumping its stock, before a mysterious withdrawal of the press release.

  • Nilam Resources CEO steps down after $1.7B Bitcoin purchase botched announcement.

  • Decrypt Newsletter service hacked and used to send fake token airdrop - don’t click!

  • IMF recommends digital money could help promote financial inclusion and quality services in remote and dispersed nations in the Pacific Ocean.

  • Bitcoin Fear & Greed Index now at 'extreme greed' as BTC reaches all-time highs, again.

  • Neutronpay gets $1.5M funding from Axiom Capital to expand the Lightning Network and deliver instant and low-cost payment solutions in Southeast Asia.

  • MicroStrategy's stock hits an all-time high of $1,909 as its total Bitcoin treasury reaches 214,250 BTC.

  • Casa, a self-custodial solutions provider, expands its inheritance solution to global customers.

  • Hashdex approved to launch spot Bitcoin ETF in the US.

  • Marathon Digital Holdings arranges transaction orders in its mining pool to craft logo into a Bitcoin block.

  • Bitcoin US spot ETFs experience a massive inflow of $418M after five days of outflows.

  • Morgan Stanley set to approve BTC ETF In two weeks.



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  • Micheal Saylor answers the question, 'Why should I buy Bitcoin rather than $MSTR stock yet I've made 5x more buying the stock?' (March 27 | 2:47 min watch).

  • Bitcoin University addresses the conspiracy theory that the NSA created Bitcoin, encouraging people to research Bitcoin independently rather than succumb to baseless theories (March 25 | 12:02 min watch).

  • Swan Bitcoin does a deep dive on why you should say no to crypto, and yes to bitcoin (March 28 | 15:11 min watch).

  • ICYMI: Jimmy Song debates Roger Ver, whose upcoming book is likely to argue that BCH is superior and that BTC was hijacked (Sept 10, 2018 | 43:38 min watch).



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