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This Week's 🏆 Feature Stories & 🛠️ Tool Updates (Issue #65)

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Greetings Bitcoiner,

Welcome to issue #65 of the Bitcoin Breakdown, where we recognize that Bitcoin is not an investment, but freedom money, enabling true sovereign individuality.

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  • Steven Ehrlich discusses for Forbes 'crypto zombies,' which are billion dollar blockchain projects with little utility or activity beyond speculative trading (e.g., Nipple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero, Bitcoin SV and Ethereum Classic), and cautions about the risks of investing in tokens with dubious fundamentals (Mar 27 | 13 min read).

  • Tuur Demeester from Adamant Research, publishes a report that provides a comprehensive analysis of Bitcoin's investment landscape by delving into the Bitcoin market cycle and the fundamentals to consider when allocating funds to Bitcoin (Mar 25 | 50 min read).

  • Bob Bodily, founder of the Bioniq ordinals marketplace, provides an overview of Casey Rodarmor’s new token standard 'Runes,' highlighting potential implications for future token standards (Mar 28 | 4 min read).

  • Jose Storopoli a software developer with a PhD in computational statistics, publishes a guide to his simple 'Dead Man's Switch' Terminal User Interface designed to handle affairs such as Bitcoin inheritance (Mar 23 | 8 min read).

  • Efrat Fenigson, the host of the 'You're The Voice' podcast, discusses the impending digitalization of money, the shift towards Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and the potential implications and challenges associated with this transition (Mar 27 | 18 min read).

  • Apoorv Lal and Fengqi You, system engineering students from Cornell University, publish a peer-reviewed study showing how Bitcoin mining coupled with green hydrogen can enable wind farms to expand capacity by up to 73.2% (Mar 25 | 40 min read).

  • Jason Deane, a Bitcoin writer, argues that the limited supply of Bitcoin, coupled with increasing demand from institutional investors and other sources, could lead to a parabolic surge in Bitcoin's price (Mar 21 | 8 min read).

  • Marius Farashi Tasooji, creator of Adopt a Block, explores the increasing use of Bitcoin by Iranians and shows how it serves as a tool for protecting freedom and preserving value in complex economic and political situations (Feb 4 | 20 min read).

  • Dalz, a crypto data analyst, provides insights into various aspects of Bitcoin mining including hash rate, mining by pools and country, miners' revenue, bitcoin price, and how they'll be impacted by the upcoming halving (Mar 23 | 6 min read).

  • Elle Mouton, Lightning Infrastructure Engineer at Lightning Labs, demystifies how onion routing works in Lightning and how it is that nodes have so much privacy (Mar 26 | 14 min read).

  • Nunchuk, multisig solution provider, reviews Block’s new hardware wallet BitKey, showing that they might have found an interesting and useful compromise between complete secrecy and recoverability (Mar 25 | 7 min read).



  • Bitcoin Perception specializes in delivering comprehensive analyses of how Bitcoin is perceived across online platforms and media discussions by tracking the volume and tone of Bitcoin mentions, monitoring key topics, and measuring trends.

  • Books & Biceps is the largest smart meathead community for weekly book recommendations, workout motivation, expert Q&As and new columns.

  • AI Tool Report teaches you how to save time and earn more with AI by curating trending tools, productivity-boosting prompts, and more.

  • TLDR is a free 5 min daily newsletter read by 1,000,000+ bitcoiners, software engineers, founders, and tech workers.

  • The Perspective encourages you to challenge the status quo and improve your mindset.

  • Bitcoin Minimalist is another great Bitcoin-only newsletter featuring news and analysis for Bitcoin maximalists.

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  • Burrow is a federated coinpool network built on SuperTestnet’s Hedgehog channels proposal from last week.

  • Bitmain launches Antminer S21 Pro (234T, 15J/T at $18.9/T pricing) at the Bitmain WDMS event in Oman.

  • Fedi launches Fedi Bravo, the first version of the project that allows users to interact with actual funds and a variety of Fedi modules.

  • BitVM 2 is published; now any party, not just previously identified verifiers, can verify blockchain operations.

  • Strike announces ‘Better Limits’, a redesigned limits experience that removes send and withdrawal limits.

  • The FREE Madeira group launches the first public Fedi-based federation operating on Bitcoin mainnet.

  • Vexl, a peer-to-peer non-KYC mobile app offering a simple way for people to buy and sell Bitcoin, launches a Geyser page.

  • Wild Life Unschooling Podcast, which explores the intersection of decentralized education and decentralized money, also launches a Geyser page.

  • Geyser publishes updates on its global impact (in numbers).

  • Blink releases ‘Batch Payments’, enabling users to distribute funds to many Blink users simultaneously.

  • Bitcoin QR, is an independent web component for QR codes compatible with Bitcoin on-chain, Lightning, and unified BIP-21 payments.

  • Speed Wallet launches ‘Speed Rewards’ which tips users on higher spending tiers, for every transaction made using its Bitcoin Wallet.

  • Mynymbox offers anonymous domain registration, web hosting, and VPS, and accepts Bitcoin as payment.

  • L2 Watch is a site by Blockchair, that tracks all existing and upcoming Layer 2s on Bitcoin.

  • Musqet is the UK’s first integrated merchant payments platform on the Lightning Network.

  • Unchained launches an iOS App to enable users to easily buy bitcoin directly to cold storage collaborative custody.

  • Apollo launches a 'Bitcoin Investor Type' survey tool to help people discover the Bitcoin Archetype that fits their investment views and then provide recommendations for the next steps.

  • Zap Cooking is a recipe site with Nostr integration and the ability to zap recipes.

  • Bitcoin Mints is a Nostr-based Cashu mint discovery and review site.

  • Keet, a peer-to-peer video and text chat platform, launches broadcast rooms and other updates.



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