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This Week's 🏆 Feature Stories & 🛠️ Tool Updates (Issue #67)

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Greetings Bitcoiner,

Welcome to issue #67 of the Bitcoin Breakdown, where our ultimate aim is to help you gain independence from any external power because having sovereignty over your money is tantamount to having sovereignty over oneself.

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  • Kester, writing for Blink (formerly Bitcoin Beach Wallet), delves into the economic challenges facing Nigeria, from issues such as inflation to currency devaluation, and discusses how Bitcoin is the solution (Apr 3 | 8 min read).

  • Shinobi unwraps Robin Luis' recent proposal for BitVM 2 which offers significant improvements from the original BitVM proposal, and looks at how it improves the flexibility and trust model of two-way pegs that make use of BitVM (Apr 2 | 8 min read).

  • Joe Hayden, VP of Revenue at GridBeyond, explores the potential role of Bitcoin mining in addressing challenges faced by the North American power grid, highlighting how Bitcoin technology, renewable energy, and demand response come together (Mar 28 | 3 min read).

  • Apoorv Lal and Fengqi You, two system engineering students from Cornell University demonstrate the potential benefits of incorporating green hydrogen technologies into Bitcoin mining operations, including a significant boost in the deployment of renewable energy (Mar 25 | 40 min read).

  • Daniel Batten, Bitcoin ESG analyst, authors a quick scoring system to see how high a writer's FUD factor is; typically, they highlight its potential environmental impact while overlooking its broader implications and potential mitigating factors (Mar 18 | 3 min read).

  • Matt Hougan, BitWise's CIO, dives into Bitcoin's value proposition, emphasizing its unique service of providing wealth storage without reliance on centralized institutions, its supply scarcity, and the simplicity of supply and demand dynamics in determining its price (Apr 3 | 3 min read).

  • Julian Fahrer, cofounder and CEO of Apollo, revisits Executive Order 6102 issued by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933, which made it illegal for US citizens to own gold, it's implications for individual rights and relation to Bitcoin (Apr 5 | 15 min read).

  • Kerrisdale Capital, a hedge fund manager, explains their reasoning for their bet that the MSTR premium will come down and why they are longing BTC (Mar | 15 min read).



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  • simple.ai: The Magic of AI Made Simple For Mere Mortals.

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  • @_Checkmatey_ creates a live chart showing the historic price performance of sh!tcoins vs that of Bitcoin.

  • @1f52b_xyz releases a simple wrapper for Phoenix Wallet to create your own entirely self-hosted, non-custodial LNULR-pay address/tip page in seconds.

  • Branta, a free open-source antivirus for Bitcoin interactions, launches a Geyser page.

  • Orange Pill App revamps its website with a simpler design, faster navigation, and a user-friendly interface.

  • PayPerQ is a sleek ChatGPT4 platform that operates on a pay-per-query model, allowing users to make bitcoin micropayments for each query.

  • Slice announces that you can now earn BTC by watching videos.

  • Start9 gets a complete marketplace makeover.

  • Geyser updates a step-by-step process for how to create and launch a project on their site.

  • PlebLab recaps their most recent Startup Day and unveils the Top Builder as Team Yopaki.

  • Mutiny Wallet completely redesigns its home screen, adds a nostr-based profile setup walkthrough, and finalizes fedimint integrations.

  • BitBoy One is a portable device resembling the Game Boy that combines Bitcoin gaming, play-to-earn rewards, and a hardware wallet.

  • Casa acquires Chamber, a team of applied cryptography and passkeys experts.

  • Mi Primer Bitcoin, a nonprofit in El Salvador, introduces an open-source Bitcoin Diploma program focusing on providing global, independent, and unbiased education.

  • Radicle, a decentralized alternative to Github, launches Radicle 1.0 for developers to publish and distribute open-source code, AI models, and research.

  • Pacific Bitcoin starts a list of businesses encouraging users to pay in Bitcoin.

  • Barbra releases a curated table listing of Ordinals + Runes resources.



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