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Welcome to issue #68 of the Bitcoin Breakdown, where we are very excited about Bitcoin being the ideal monetary system for machine transactions with its pseudonomity, interoperability with tradfi, and capability for real-time, programmable micropayments (see the 🎥 QUICK MEDIA-section below).

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  • Japanese firm Metaplanet buys $6.5M worth of Bitcoin, mimicking MicroStrategy's investment strategy to hedge against inflation.

  • IMF withholds credit opportunities from El Salvador because of Bitcoin’s supposed laundering prowess, as if the beloved banks the IMF shills, were bastions of virtue.

  • VanEck CEO says 90% of Bitcoin ETF inflows are still only from retail investors (the institutions are coming…)

  • Monochrome Asset Management applies for a spot Bitcoin ETF with Cboe Australia, aiming to be the first in Australia to allow direct holding of Bitcoin.

  • Hong Kong is likely to approve a spot Bitcoin ETF next week.

  • Pups, the first memecoin on Bitcoin, hits an all-time high as degenerate NFT activity on the Bitcoin blockchain surpasses Ethereum and Solana ahead of the halving next weekend.

  • Bitcoin Ordinals surpasses 65M inscriptions, accounting for over $458M in total network fees generated for miners.

  • Casey Rodarmor, Ordinals founder, to launch Runes at Bitcoin halving.

  • Bitcoin mining difficulty sets new high of 86T pre-halving.

  • Matt Odell calls out gigachad Michael Saylor in ALL CAPS for supposedly threatening Ark to not invest in open source Bitcoin devs.

  • Robinhood's Bitcoin wallet becomes the third-largest single Bitcoin wallet with 0.69% of the total BTC supply.

  • The Louisiana State House unanimously passes a bill explicitly protecting the right to buy, mine, and self-custody Bitcoin in the state.

  • El Salvador President Nayib Bukele launches initiative offering 5000 free passports to global professionals, leveraging tax incentives and Bitcoin adoption.

  • Hut8 Mining says Wall Street banks are asking it to buy BTC directly.

  • India's central bank to allow non-bank payment providers to offer wallets for the country's central bank digital currency.

  • South Korea's People Power Party promises access to US Bitcoin ETFs, as a part of their election campaign strategy.

  • Costa Rica revives discussions on legalizing Bitcoin for everyday transactions.

  • Cynthia Lummis, Wyoming Senator, tweets a chart showing the US government as the largest nation-state holder of Bitcoin, with over 200,000 BTC.

  • Operation Choke Point 2.0 is apparently underway (again) as US banks systematically crack down on crypto-affiliated businesses and individuals.

  • Bitcoin's circulating supply inactive for at least a year, suggesting investors have been taking profits in the rising market.

  • Paraguayan lawmakers propose a law to ban Bitcoin mining, storage and staking.

  • Bhutan announces plans to expand its bitcoin mining operations by 500MW, by the first half of 2025.

  • Facebook found to have used its now-defunct VPN to effectively perform man-in-the-middle attacks on Snapchat.

  • Facebook denies giving Netflix access to user's private messages.

  • Human Rights Foundation announces a free webinar to help nonprofits integrate Bitcoin.



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  • Fed President Neel Kashkari compares Bitcoin to beanie babies and says it has no utility outside of being “a nice toy to help people get around banking regulations” (Apr 5 | 2:10 min watch).

  • Sulu Solutions announces the public beta of Sparkwall by releasing a short tutorial guide (now you can monetize your API with sats, essentially enabling Skynet to expedite hyperbitcoinization 🤯 ) (Apr 9 | 9:30 min watch).

  • Stafford Masie, a South African tech guru, gives an electrifying keynote delving deep into the transformative power of Bitcoin and the impending AI revolution (Apr 4 | 17:33 min watch).

  • Joe Nakamoto covers Bitcoin Witsand, a small town in South Africa that has embraced Bitcoin as its primary currency, creating a thriving Bitcoin circular economy (Apr 6 | 20:40 min watch).

  • Matthew Pines, Director of Security Advisory at Sentinel One, discusses at the 2nd Annual Bitcoin Policy Summit hosted by the Bitcoin Policy Institute with The Bitcoin Layer show, ‘Bitcoin Is America's Edge In The US-China Cold War’ (Apr 10 | 23:24 min watch).

  • Blockspace Media releases 'The Big Empty,' a documentary showcasing the transformation of Spur, Texas, through Bitcoin mining (Apr 4 | 27:51 min watch).

  • Decentralized Consciousness shares a video posted recently in their community Telegram group from Pam Gregory who describes the astrological events taking place on April 20th (the projected day of the halving) (Apr 11 | 42:47 min watch).



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