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This Week's 🏆 Feature Stories & 🛠️ Tool Updates (Issue #69)

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Greetings Bitcoiner,

Welcome to issue #69 of the Bitcoin Breakdown, where we are all about helping you maximize your financial sovereignty by reminding you that inflation is an unnecessary and discreet hidden tax that silently erodes your wealth.

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Orange Pill App is a Bitcoin-only social network created so you can better connect with other Bitcoiners locally.

Whereas companies in the fiat world must constantly increase prices to keep up with inflation, the Orange Pill App recently lowered their membership prices in BTC by 20-50% across the board.

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  • Kane McGukin critically examines the distinction between money and currency, emphasizing their roles in wealth retention and economic transactions, and how this connects with true stores of value like Bitcoin (Apr 5 | 6 min read).

  • Joe Burnett in a report for Unchained highlights Bitcoin's unmatched monetary properties as the most effective savings tool in today's economy and how it will become the best savings tool after the halving (Apr | 29 min read).

  • Tyler Whittle & Rijndael of Taproot Wizards demonstrate the economic instability and risks of BitVM bridges due to their need for pre-signed transactions and liquidity requirements (Apr 5 | 7 min read).

  • Shinobi analyzes the criticism of BitVM-based two-way pegs published by Taproot Wizards (Apr 9 | 10 min read).

  • Trammell Venture Partners releases a whitepaper that discusses the emergence of Bitcoin-native startups as a significant category in venture capital investment, presenting three years of data analysis on the early-stage Bitcoin ecosystem and highlighting growth despite an overall slowdown in crypto VC deployment (Apr | 5 min read).

  • The Bitcoin Manual analyzes how a single custodian controls the Coinbase addresses for nine major mining pools, prompting discussions about the risks and implications of such centralization for the Bitcoin network (Apr 10 | 6 min read).

  • Bitoin Apex, conjurer of mind-blowing Bitcoin art masterpieces, explores the significance of one Bitcoin in relation to time and how the upcoming halving event will impact global events such as warfare (Apr 8 | 3 min read).

  • Mark Maraial, owner of Capital Neutral Investments, discusses Dhruv Bansal's novel reconceptualization proposal that all 21M BTC were generated in 2009 and are slowly being unlocked, reshaping perceptions of Bitcoin's mining process and its environmental impact by redefining miners as purchasers rather than creators (Apr 8 | 9 min read).

  • Shinobi explores the rise of dogma in the Bitcoin community, comparing it to historical religious schisms to highlight how dissent can lead to fragmentation rather than replacement of prevailing beliefs, ultimately questioning the sustainability and identity of newer movements within the Bitcoin space (Apr 10 | 10 min read).

  • ICYMI: Olololo, a Steemit user, lists 10 cardinal rules to guide Bitcoiners, from understanding its complex nature to avoiding impulsive decisions and prioritizing security (May 5, 2019 | 1 min read).



  • Risk Reversal Media provides curated and personality-driven media content at the intersection of finance, technology, entertainment, sports and pop culture

  • CramHacks helps you stay ahead of the curve in cybersecurity.

  • The Publish Press breaks down the business of creators three times a week.

  • Simple.ai: The Magic of AI Made Simple For Mere Mortals.

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  • Orange Pill App is on track to hit 10,000 members by the upcoming halving.

  • Wizard Sardines’ Antoine Poinsot announces a proof of concept to set up a Ledger device without going through Ledger Live or being nudged towards sh!tcoins.

  • Cypher.Space provides a free, Bitcoin-only, flat-file CMS as an alternative to WordPress and Shopify, allowing deployment on various cloud providers or self-hosting without monthly costs.

  • Spend-sats lists 100+ online stores and services that accept sats.

  • Arch brings smart contract functionality to Bitcoin through ArchVM, a Rust-based zero knowledge virtual machine and a decentralized verifier network.

  • Mutiny Wallet announces Lightning Addresses for Mutiny+ users.

  • LNCast enables you to send messages in bulk to Lightning addresses on the Lightning Network.

  • NostrSync.live provides a broadcast and export service, enabling users to download a copy of their data.

  • Labelbase, a label management service for Bitcoin transactions and addresses, launches a Geyser page.

  • Bitcoin House Bali, a Bitcoin community offering education and co-working spaces, now also has a Geyser page.

  • Future Bitcoin Builders, an initiative empowering students in El Salvador with Bitcoin education, launches a Geyser page.

  • Bitesize Bitcoin, an initiative that revolutionizes Bitcoin education by offering daily, easily digestible content, now also has a Geyser page.

  • Umbrel approves and integrates Bitcoin Knots into its app store.

  • Wavlake now enables artists to use their own Lightning address to receive earnings from their fans.

  • Mi Primer Bitcoin introduces the 2024 edition of its student workbook.

  • Bitkit introduces Beignet, an instant, self-custodial Bitcoin wallet for JS devs.

  • Keystone launches Bitcoin-only firmware for its Keystone 3 Pro device, enhancing security and usability features.

  • Scarce.City is hosting a sale for Satoshi’s Reserve Bottles from Peony Lane Wine.

  • Orange Pill App enables Dark Mode option.



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