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Welcome to issue #70 of the Bitcoin Breakdown, where it is our duty to inform you that the halving event is taking place tomorrow.

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  • Akita Mia releases a whitepaper, ‘LRC-20 - a new approach to Tokenization on Lightning’ that will potentially disrupt the NFTs-on-BTC space.

  • Bitcoin's dominance over all other cryptocurrencies (including proof-of-stake nonsense) hits its highest value in three years.

  • Exchanges to run out of BTC within 9 months, and Bitcoin's scarcity set to outpace gold post-halving, Bybit report reveals.

  • Taproot Wizards reveals ‘CatVM proposal’, making a case for using OP_CAT as a new method for navigating Bitcoin’s scaling layers.

  • Craig Wright withdraws his appeal against Hodlonaut, ending his spurious defamation lawsuit.

  • Mempool founder Mononaut voices concerns over potential security risks in Bitcoin's Layer 2 implementations, despite their promise of increased scalability.

  • Fees on the Bitcoin testnet surpass fees on mainnet.

  • Edward Snowden warns of imminent NSA control over internet privacy, as the FISA 702 bill could see the US government's surveillance powers amplified to new levels.

  • FISA 702 Bill advances to Senate.

  • Early Riders, a sound capital investment firm, announces that it seeks to raise, deploy, and return capital in BTC terms.

  • @CobraBitcoin warns against downloading Bitcoin software from and instead recommends using for the most up-to-date and official software.

  • Trammell Venture Partners report reveals Bitcoin startups raised $1B between 2021 and 2023.

  • The Winklevoss brothers invest $4.5M worth of BTC in Real Bedford, the first-ever football club powered by Bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin's price drop over the past week results in $256M in losses for traders with long positions and $319.15M in liquidations from leveraged positions in 24 hours.

  • Ordinals could give rise to a futures market based on rare sats after the upcoming halving.

  • Norwegian lawmakers pass a law aimed at regulating energy use in data centers, that could force out Bitcoin miners.

  • Xverse Wallet publishes a guide on Bitcoin Runes, offering insights into optimizing token management after the Bitcoin halving.

  • Fiji central bank warns against crypto use following the prime minister's reversal of position.

  • Bank of Russia to support the adoption of cryptocurrency payments for international settlements.

  • Trust Wallet urges iPhone users to disable iMessage due to a zero-day exploit for sale on the dark web for $2M.

  • Bitcoin Core 27.0 release means ‘p2p v2’ is now on by default, making it much more difficult for your ISP to identify you running a node.

  • Franklin Templeton Digital Assets releases a paper on Bitcoin Runes speculating that it can close the fungible token market cap gap that exists between Bitcoin and other L1s.

  • Hong Kong poised to launch its first spot Bitcoin ETFs by April 30, potentially attracting $25 billion in investments.

  • Runes hype pushes tx fees on Bitcoin higher, with the 7-day moving average of the average tx fee climbing from $4.11 to $12.17.

  • Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister’s statement about Iraq using technology to capture flare gas starts rumours that the country is planning on mining Bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin Depot is deploying over 60 ATMs in Fareway, the fastest-growing grocery chain in the US.

  • BlackRock unveils a series of educational content aimed at explaining Bitcoin, the Bitcoin halving, and its implications, along with insights into its approved spot Bitcoin ETF.

  • Telegram CEO Pavel Durov, in an interview with Tucker Carlson, endorses Bitcoin as a symbol of freedom, revealing he has maintained a few hundred million dollars in BTC for the past ten years.

  • BRC-20 tokens bleed ahead of Bitcoin halving as trader focus shifts to Runes.

  • Google searches for the Bitcoin halving event have reached an all-time high as excitement builds.



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  • Orange Pill App posts a demo of how users can place their Orange Pill App profile link into their X bios and get zapped Sats in less than 10 seconds (Apr 8 | 0:10 min watch).

  • Keet launches ‘Keet Identities’, enabling you to create a unique identity with 24 key words (April 17 | 1:32 min watch).

  • Bringin posts a demo of their BTCpayServer plugin that allows every business to accept global payments, receive them instantly, avoid a ~3% fee to intermediaries, and use the revenue to pay bills (Apr 8 | 1:45 min watch).

  • Debifi, a company encouraging Bitcoiners worldwide to borrow against their holdings without selling, posts a case study on how it supported 'A Place to Be', an unschooling project aligned with their values of freedom and education (Apr 12 | 2:04 min watch).

  • Swan Bitcoin posts a video of Natalie Brunell and Peter Schiff going toe to toe on which is the soundest money - gold or Bitcoin (Apr 15 | 5:26 min watch).

  • Wicked posts a deep dive on the Bitcoin halving, exploring the significance of employing the bitwise shift operation in calculating the block subsidy (Apr 11 | 9:12 min watch).

  • Get Based releases ‘15 Years of Bitcoin in 15 Minutes’ (April 17 | 16:32 min watch).





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