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Invest in the Future of Scalable Housing

ZenniHome is on a mission to completely disrupt the housing industry.

Dr. Michael Schmitt has joined as COO (previously Tesla and Bosch).
$74M in grants awarded from Navajo Nation for factory expansion and home purchases

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  • Samourai Wallet founders, a popular Bitcoin mixing service, arrested and charged with money laundering of over $2B, leading to the seizure of their servers and domain.

  • Seth For Privacy summarizes everything actionable you need to know about what the Samourai Wallet indictment means for you as a user.

  • k3tan provides detailed instructions on importing an existing Samourai wallet into Sparrow Wallet, including the necessary steps and prerequisites.

  • The OP_CAT opcode receives Bitcoin Improvement Proposal number 420, introducing covenants that enable smart contracts, cryptographically secure bridges, zero-knowledge proof verification, and other useful features.

  • Bitcoiners seek to bypass Luke Dashjr with Bitcoin Core contributor Bryan Bishop for OP_CAT soft fork.

  • Bitcoin Miners earn $109M in halving day rewards.

  • Bitcoin transaction fees reach a new ATH average of $128.45 following the Bitcoin halving event and the launch of Runes.

  • Bitcoin transaction fees significantly drop post-halving.

  • CiberInteligenciaSV publishes some of the source code related to El Salvador’s Bitcoin ATM network on a public black hat-hacking crime forum.

  • Jack Dorsey's Block completes a 3nm Bitcoin mining chip and announces a full mining system.

  • Bitcoin's mining difficulty reaches a new record of 88.10T after a 1.99% increase in its first adjustment post the fourth halving.

  • BlackRock is reportedly 'gaga' over spot its Bitcoin fund that accounts for 24% of the firm's total ETF flows.

  • Strike is expanding its payments services powered by Bitcoin's Lightning Network protocol to Europe.

  • Block Inc. debuts Bitcoin Conversions for Square, turning sales into bitcoin for select users, aiming to meet merchant demand, with a lower fee than Cash App's retail rate.

  • Gold plummets by 15% against Bitcoin in four days.

  •, a Bitcoin Ordinals explorer, garners $2M in pre-seed funding to support the integration of the new Runes token standard.

  • Reserve Bank of New Zealand releases Digital Currency Consultation Paper with plans to launch a digital version of the New Zealand Dollar.

  • Swiss Bitcoiners petition the national bank to add BTC to reserves.

  • Banks continue to buy BTC off-market via private sales.

  • PDVSA, Venezuela's state-owned oil company, uses Tether to bypass US sanctions and safeguard oil sale proceeds from being frozen in foreign bank accounts.

  • MicroStrategy to host its 'Bitcoin for Corporations' conference in Las Vegas.

  • Angola officially bans all Bitcoin mining activities to 'protect' national energy security.

  • The Human Rights Foundation inaugurates the Finney Freedom Prize, honoring Hal Finney posthumously for his pivotal contributions to Bitcoin.

  • Post-halving operational costs pushing miners to explore alternative revenue streams like AI and relocate to areas with stranded energy resources, per CoinShares report.

  • PayPal wants to give ‘green’ BTC miners extra rewards.

  • BTC 200-day average is on track to challenge its previous peak of $49,452 in February 2022.



  • Simple.AI: The magic of AI made simple for mere mortals.

  • AI Tool Report teaches you how to save time and earn more with AI by curating trending tools, productivity-boosting prompts, and more.

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  • Voltage releases video of its integration of Mutinynet to offer an advanced testing environment for Bitcoin applications (Apr 19 | 0:59 min watch).

  • The Crypto Couple posts new song, ‘Bitcoin Halving Anthem’, in celebration of the Halving (Apr 19 | 1:09 min watch).

  • Bold Bitcoin posts video of Jan3 founder Samson Mow discussing why the anti-Bitcoin energy use arguments are irrational (Apr 23 | 2:04 min watch).

  • Only The SAVVY posts a video of columnist and researcher Whitney Webb raising concerns about the shift of Bitcoin's narrative towards being solely a store of value and how governments and banks can use it to control financial systems (Apr 18 | 9:34 min watch).

  • Swan Bitcoin releases a new mini-movie about Bitcoin's origins and its enigmatic founder, ‘The Legendary Treasure of Satoshi Nakamoto’ (Apr 21 | 38:33 min watch).



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