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This Week's 🏆 Feature Stories & 🛠️ Tool Updates (Issue #73)

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Greetings Bitcoiner,

Welcome to issue #73 of the Bitcoin Breakdown where, in light of recent developments, we remind you to transfer your bitcoin from exchanges to a self-custody hardware wallet. We highly recommend the Blockstream Jade Hardware Wallet—enjoy a 10% discount with the code: BITCOINBREAKDOWN.

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  • Seth For Privacy dives into the Department of Justice's indictment of Samourai Wallet, arguing against their charges of operating an unlicensed money transmission business and conspiracy to commit money laundering by highlighting the wallet's lack of control over user funds (Apr 26 | 11 min read).

  • Athena Alpha publishes a comprehensive guide on bitcoin mixers covering what they are, why people use them, how they work, their legality and safety considerations, and how they compare to the Lightning Network and Liquid Network (Apr 25 | 9 min read).

  • Frank Corva, a Bitcoin-based business writer, covers the recent charges against co-founders of Samourai Wallet, raising concerns that criminalizing such technologies could hurt human rights activists who rely on them for privacy and safety (Apr 25 | 3 min read).

  • BitMEX Research discusses the process of assigning BIP (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal) numbers, highlighting the politics behind recent delays and frustrations due to administrative issues and explores alternative numbering systems (Apr 26 | 6 min read).

  • Dirac Delta of Heaviside, discusses how technological advancements, particularly in energy, could fundamentally alter the incentives for war, regardless of the impact of Bitcoin on defunding it, potentially leading to a more peaceful world (Apr 25 | 11 min read).

  • Caleb of Decentralized Consciousness explores the concept of ownership in both traditional fiat systems and in the context of Bitcoin, advocating a shift in perspective towards stewardship and interconnectedness as the true essence of ownership (Apr 25 | 3 min read).

  • Will Schoellkopf, writing for Bitcoin Magazine, expresses concerns about the potential negative impact of Ordinals on Bitcoin's fungibility and values, and disputes the concept of digital art ownership through NFTs (Apr 22 | 5 min read).

  • AJ of Inamerrata recommends a new Bitcoin development approach called 'Team Slow and Steady over the 'move fast and break things' and 'ossification' philosophies, arguing Bitcoin's unpredictability requires patience and perseverance in its development (Apr 20 | 6 min read).

  • Amanda Tuminelli, the chief legal officer at DeFi Education Fund, criticizes the DoJ's response to Roman Storm's motions in the Tornado Cash case, pointing out inaccuracies, privacy concerns, and misapplications of the law (Apr 27 | 2 min read).

  • Peter Van Valkenburgh of Coincenter argues that the DOJ's new approach to charge non-custodial wallet developers with unlicensed money transmission undermines individual liberty and the rule of law by endangering financial privacy and hastening unauthorized surveillance (Apr 20 | 20 min read).

  • Kudzai Kutukwa, writing for Freedom Tech, advocates for the essentiality of privacy in today's digital age, warning against the dangers of criminalizing the use of privacy-enhancing technologies to protect personal information (Apr 29 | 6 min read).



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  • Phoenix Wallet to stop serving US customers on May 3rd.

  • zkSNACKs coordinator of Wasabi Wallet implements a restriction preventing US users from accessing its conjoin service.

  • Parallel: The Bitcoin Social Layer is a new book authored by Orange Pill App's Brian De Mint, Knut Svanholm, and Daniel Prince, which positions Bitcoin as a catalyst for a global paradigm shift.

  • Ordiscan adds a Runes-flow feature for looking up any Bitcoin transactions and the flow of Runes.

  • THNDR Games gets shortlisted for the final stage of the SBC Summit First Pitch Competition.

  • OrdinalsBot has officially inscribed 8 of the 10 largest files ever on Bitcoin.

  • Theya Inc demonstrates how users can quickly set up a multi-sig vault for storing Bitcoin.

  • The 2024 Bitcoin Film Fest Grant is sponsored by Geyser and the Orange Pill App, offering 1.5M sats to support films made about Bitcoin.

  • Geyser releases Reward Suggestions which offers project creators helpful advice on what rewards to create and possibly raise 3.3x more funding.

  • The Free Market Foundation which promotes freedom of enterprise in South Africa, now accepts bitcoin donations.

  • Marathon Digital Holdings rebrands to MARA.

  • Bitronics announces NerdAxe, a new user interface for its fully open-source Bitcoin ASIC miner, Bitaxe.

  • Bitcoin Well's website gets a fresh update with improved navigation and updated content designed to streamline buying and selling experience.

  • Zaprite adds new integration with Mutiny Wallet, facilitating direct Lightning address payments for their checkouts.

  • AQUA Wallet V0.1.51 is live, offering new features including send compatibility with LNURL pay and Lightning addresses.

  • Nunchuk debuts Finney, a Bitcoin wallet for families with flexible multi-signature setups, messaging, privacy features, and recovery options.

  • Beck & Bulow, a meat and seafood company, integrates Bitcoin into its operations.

  • Lightspark, who Coinbase selected to integrate the Bitcoin Lightning Network, gets debanked by its fiat financial services provider, Bill dot com.



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