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  • zkSNACKs, the company behind Wasabi Wallet, is shutting down its coinjoin coordination service, effective from June 1st, 2024.

  • Coinbase integrates Lightning Network through partnership with Lightspark, enabling instant, low-cost bitcoin transfers.

  • MicroStrategy announces Orange Protocol, an open-source decentralized identity standard built on Bitcoin which uses a modified approach to Ordinals inscriptions, only storing data related to decentralized identity.

  • BitcoinOS developers publish whitepaper claiming to improve Bitcoin's scalability and Turing completeness using rollups.

  • Arkham Intel finds wallet linked to Wisdomtree’s BTC ETF which holds 8,900 BTC, across 134 wallets.

  • Trump inscribes Bitcoin Ordinals for buyers of 'Mugshot Edition' NFTs.

  • Samourai Wallet co-founder, Keonne Rodriguez pleads not guilty to federal laundering charges, released on $1M bond.

  • Bitcoin testnet griefing attack by Jameson Lopp generates three years of blocks in one week while causing network difficulty to spike.

  • Mysterious BTC whale launches BTC-only market-making certificate.

  • Russian Duma explores a crypto exchange ban as clients of Beribit demand funds, receiving only promises and chocolate instead.

  • Elliptic collaborates with MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab to create a new deep learning model, 'Elliptic2', designed to detect money laundering in Bitcoin transactions.

  • Finland's households turn to Bitcoin mining to heat homes.

  • South Africa's Financial Intelligence Centre proposes a directive mandating crypto platforms to disclose the personal information of transaction parties.

  • Cloud-based keyboard apps vulnerability expose users' keystrokes to network eavesdroppers, potentially affecting up to 1B users.

  • MicroStrategy could see $3B earnings boost with new accounting rules.

  • European Union implements crypto regulations targeting crypto-asset service providers to tackle money laundering.

  • Roger Ver, also known as 'Bitcoin Jesus', charged with $50M tax fraud.

  • Boltz reduces fees by 90% for sending and receiving L-BTC over Lightning Network, enhancing competitiveness for network interoperability.

  • Metaplanet, Asia’s MicroStrategy, buys ¥1B ($6.4M) of Bitcoin as pledged.

  • UK police gain new powers to seize crypto, and knock privacy coins.

  • European Parliament enacts stringent anti-money laundering legislation, mandating reporting for anonymous transactions, restricting cash transactions, and creating a central regulatory agency.

  • Australian Securities Exchange is expected to approve spot Bitcoin ETFs before the end of 2024.

  • Bitcoin mining machines worth $5.4M seized by Thai police in two provinces.

  • Nubank, Brazil’s largest digital bank, now allows customers to withdraw their bitcoin.

  • Paraguay presents a bill to make a digital version of their local currency and to allow Bitcoin to be an experimental legal tender.

  • Australia to approve spot Bitcoin ETFs this year, says Bloomberg.

  • Texas A&M Professor Korok Ray has launched The Bitcoin Research Institute to integrate Bitcoin with artificial intelligence, focusing on utilizing Bitcoin for secure multi-party computations.



  • Simple.AI: The magic of AI made simple for mere mortals.

  • CramHacks helps you stay ahead of the curve in cybersecurity.

  • The Publish Press breaks down the business of creators three times a week.

  • Short Squeez curates the daily squeeze on major news from Wall Street to Silicon Valley.

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  • River posts a short explaining the Cantillon Effect which describes how different classes of society benefit from money printing at different rates (Apr 5 | 1:44 min watch).

  • ICYMI: Gsovereignty posts video explaining Bitcoin's underlying security model, how it subverts the State, what the State can do to fight back, and the phases such a conflict will go through (2020 | 13:55 min watch).

  • Matthew R. Krater of Bitcoin University discusses the potential consequences of US government actions discouraging Bitcoin ownership, including increased regulation, surveillance, and potential confiscation, and explores options for maintaining control over one's Bitcoin holdings (Apr 27 | 17:49 min watch).



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