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Welcome to issue #78 of the Bitcoin Breakdown, where we recognize that Bitcoin was conceived as a rebellion to make centralized authoritarian structures obsolete, enabling an end to their control and grip on our financial lives.

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  • El Salvador mines 474 bitcoin using volcanic geothermal energy.

  • Ether’s market cap ratio to that of Bitcoin’s hits a multi-year low.

  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group considers launching Bitcoin spot trading in addition to its existing futures product.

  • Andrew Tate to buy $100M in bitcoin, says he will prove it too.

  • Erik Voorhees, founder of Shapeshift, announces the debut of Venice, an AI application that promises enhanced privacy and unrestricted free speech.

  • Bitcoin Magazine’s CEO, David Bailey, reports to be working with Donald Trump’s campaign to develop their bitcoin and crypto policy agenda.

  • Japan’s Metaplanet releases its whitepaper on BTC treasury strategy.

  • Bitcoin miners start curtailing operations after halving, as per data analysis.

  • Early Bitcoin investor moves over $60M worth of Bitcoin for the first time since September 12, 2013.

  • Bitcoin mining company, Marathon, is in discussions with Kenya to assist in advancing its green energy aspirations.

  • Hong Kong Bitcoin ETFs provider considers approval for mainland China.

  • Vanguard appoints Salim Ramji, formerly the lead for BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF, as its new CEO.

  • Binance secures approval to re-enter India from the country's Financial Intelligence Unit.

  • Wisconsin becomes the first US state to invest in Bitcoin.

  • BlackRock closes in on becoming the world’s largest Bitcoin fund.

  • Private jet company, Candy Jets, now accepts Bitcoin payments.

  • Bitcoin's annual volatility, resembling gold in its early stages, is now lower than that of several large-cap tech stocks (Meta, Nvidia, and Tesla).

  • Tether announces new surveillance and compliance measures it will enforce in partnership with Chainalysis.

  • President Biden halts a Chinese-owned crypto mining operation near Warren Air Force Base, citing national security risks due to its proximity and foreign technology.

  • Former PayPal CEO David Marcus predicts the Bitcoin Lightning Network will become the standard for corporate transactions.

  • Yuval Noah Harari, celebrated author and historian, joined the BIS Innovation Summit to spread some laughable anti-bitcoin propaganda, advocating instead for monetary control by central banks and governments.

  • Alex Pertsev, a key developer of Tornado Cash, sentenced to over five years in prison.

  • Bernstein report finds 6% decline in Bitcoin mining difficulty last week, noting increased market share among miners with lower costs post-halving.

  • Rune protocol activity sharply declines, hitting its lowest level on May 11, a few weeks after generating $135M in Bitcoin transaction fees.



  • The Bitcoin Way enables you to master Bitcoin self-custody and gain peace of mind.

  • turns every click into AI magic by enabling customized 1-click prompts, instantly summarizing articles, crafting emails, searching the web with AI, and more.

  • Start9 empowers you to run your own Bitcoin node while also joining the sovereign computing paradigm, where concerns over privacy, censorship, hacks, and fees practically disappear—get a 5% discount by using the code: BITCOINBREAKDOWN.

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  • Orange Pill App enables you to connect with Bitcoiners and Bitcoin merchants wherever you live and travel.

  • BITCOIN WELL is the fastest and easiest way to secure Bitcoin in self custody, offering non-KYC sells and bill payments with a transparent 1% spread, no hidden or withdrawal fees.



  • Lucho Poletti narrates the creative process and concept behind 'The Bitcoin Movement', his 3-piece animated art collection (May 9 | 3:03 min watch).

  • Reason discusses the DOJ's indictment of the creators of Samourai Wallet, explaining how it's an assault on people's civil liberties and First Amendment rights (May 8 | 4:29 min watch).

  • Blockstream post video discussing multi-signature and why you should create a multi-sig wallet in your Bitcoin wallet setup (May 14 | 4:38 min watch).

  • TIP_NZ posts a spoken word video masterpiece on the challenges of centralized authority and the erosion of trust in traditional monetary systems, echoing the principles of decentralization, transparency, and financial sovereignty (May 3 | 5:23 min watch).

  • Swan posts a video of Michael Saylor demonstrating the importance of digital transformation (May 14 | 8:00 min watch).

  • Joe Consorti covers the Rothschild family’s recent $3.6M exposure to Bitcoin (May 14 | 10:48 min watch).

  • Get Based posts a documentary exploring the emergence of a Bitcoin revolution in remote often overlooked villages across Peru, spanning from the Andes Mountains to the Amazon Jungle (May 15 | 39:38 min watch)




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