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This Week's 🏆 Feature Stories & 🛠️ Tool Updates (Issue #81)

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Greetings Bitcoiner,

Welcome to issue #81 of the Bitcoin Breakdown, where we unashamedly shill the only truly decentralized peer-to-peer electronic cash system with strict scarcity programmed into its core.

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  • Mike Brock, lead at TBD, the Bitcoin-focused subsidiary of Block, discusses the clash between epistemic liberalism and the epistemic authoritarianism in ‘The Sovereign Individual,’ critiquing deterministic techno-libertarian views while advocating for democratic oversight in technological progress (May 21 | 13 min read).

  • Francis Pouliot, the founder of BullBitcoin.com argues that the company's commitment to maintaining a non-custodial, Bitcoin-only service is difficult but essential for promoting individual sovereignty and adhering to Bitcoin's core principles (May 23 | 8 min read).

  • Molly White, prominent critic of cryptocurrencies (incl Bitcoin), has surprisingly reasonable takes on the legal case against Tornado Cash, advocating for stronger legislation to safeguard financial privacy in the digital domain (May 23 | 14 min read).

  • Scott Dedals, the author of The Dao of Bitcoin, discusses how Bitcoin is transforming human consciousness by forming a new consensus paradigm, synchronizing humanity’s perception of time, energy, and money, and advancing civilization towards a unified, rational framework (Bitlyrics transcript) (May 17 | 13 min read).

  • Daniel Batten debunks Cointelegraph's FUD about Venezuela's ban on Bitcoin mining, pointing to the publication's failure to question the government over the role of corruption in the country's energy issues (May 20 | 3 min read).

  • Che Kohler of The Bitcoin Manual discusses how South Africa’s economic challenges, high internet penetration, and desire for financial alternatives have driven significant Bitcoin adoption, positioning the country as a leader in its use in Africa (May 26 | 11 min read).

  • Dirac Delta, applied theoretical aerospace materials engineer and monetary theorist, argues that a composite standard of value, blending fiat and Bitcoin, will emerge as essential for economic prosperity, particularly in complex, long-term planning scenarios (May 20 | 4 min read).

  • Aleksandar Svetski, Bitcoin author and entrepreneur, announces his upcoming book ‘The Bushido of Bitcoin,’ which details themes of virtue and greatness in the Bitcoin community, and its unique approach beyond traditional Bitcoin literature (free introductory chapter inside) (May 27 | 4 min read).

  • Carla Kirk-Cohen, a software engineer at Chaincode Labs, shares her summary and analysis of existing proposals for upgrading existing Lightning channels to support new features (May 17 | 5 min read).

  • Jameson Lopp, Casa's co-founder and CSO, discusses stress tests on hardware wallets to evaluate their multi-signature Bitcoin transaction capabilities, and recommends the best devices for secure, efficient multi-sig operations (May 24 | 10 min read).

  • Adolfo Contreras, strategic advisor at Blockstream discusses how Bitcoin and blockchain technology can scale trust globally, particularly benefiting developing countries by overcoming traditional limitations of trust and fostering economic growth through decentralized financial systems (May 17 | 14 min read).

  • Athena Alpha publishes a comprehensive beginner's guide to Bitcoin privacy, explaining the importance of privacy in Bitcoin transactions, the risks associated with using KYC/AML exchanges, and offering practical tips for maintaining anonymity and security (May 22 | 11 min read).

  • Marty Bent of Bitcoin podcast and publication TFTC discusses the emergence of Chaumian Mints on top of Bitcoin, highlighting their potential to unlock new use cases, improve privacy, and offer more robust financial applications, despite concerns about third-party custody risks (May 21 | 6 min read).

  • Leon Wankum, Bitcoin strategist for real estate developers, debunks the idea that cash flow inherently determines an asset's worth, contrasting real estate's reliance on cash flow with Bitcoin's emergence as a superior store of value investment (May 21 | 12 min read).

  • Mullvad, VPN provider accepting BTC, goes into detail on the ‘Going Dark’ initiative in the EU, which is focused on mass surveillance via encryption backdoors, collaborating with US authorities, despite concerns over privacy violations and technical feasibility (May 21 | 24 min read).



  • The Bitcoin Way enables you to master Bitcoin self-custody and gain peace of mind.

  • MaxAI.me turns every click into AI magic by enabling customized 1-click prompts, instantly summarizing articles, crafting emails, searching the web with AI, and more.

  • Start9 empowers you to run your own Bitcoin node while also joining the sovereign computing paradigm, where concerns over privacy, censorship, hacks, and fees practically disappear—get a 5% discount by using the code: BITCOINBREAKDOWN.

  • Blockstream Jade is the best hardware wallet for you to take self-custody with—enjoy a 10% discount off of with code: BITCOINBREAKDOWN.

  • Orange Pill App enables you to connect with Bitcoiners and Bitcoin merchants wherever you live and travel.

  • BITCOIN WELL is the fastest and easiest way to secure Bitcoin in self custody, offering non-KYC sells and bill payments with a transparent 1% spread, no hidden or withdrawal fees.



  • Alby releases open-source forks of browser extensions AdBlockPlus and uBlock, allowing users to block ads and pay in BTC by integrating Nostr Wallet Connect and Lighting Web Standard.

  • OpenXrypt is a Chrome extension that provides secure and encrypted communication on social media platforms (incl Twitter DMs and Whatsapp Web), using the OpenPGP encryption standard.

  • Cake Wallet announces its latest beta release supports silent payments.

  • BitEscrow launches a set of developer tools for implementing non-custodial Bitcoin escrow.

  • Holesail is a free and open-source software that enables you to create Peer-to-Peer network tunnels securely on your local network.

  • Braidpool is a decentralized bitcoin mining pool that uses a merge-mined block-DAG, rather than a blockchain, to do accounting of mining shares, and FROST multisig to non-custodially perform miner payouts.

  • Xapo Bank enables Bitcoin deposits via the Lightning Network.

  • lnproxy is a simple privacy tool enhancing payment and receiver privacy for both custodial Lightning wallet users and sovereign node runners without taking custody of funds.

  • Penlock is an open-source, cryptographically secure, printable paper-computer that guides users through secret-splitting their BIP39 seed phrase without an electronic device.

  • SilentPay is a bitcoin wallet library that supports silent payments out of the box.

  • Konsensus Network’s Bitcoin Bookshop implements Lightning checkout for all eBook purchases.

  • Voyage is a lightweight nostr client for Android with a Reddit-like UI.

  • Pushtx is a privacy tool and code library that broadcasts Bitcoin transactions into the P2P network.

  • Bitcoin GroupHug is a Bitcoin transaction batching server that does not need coordination between users to work.

  • Nix Bitcoin Monitor is a monitoring framework for Bitcoin Core.

  • OCEAN adds BOLT12 support.

  • Sentrum is a Daemon that monitors watch-only Bitcoin wallets.

  • BoardwalkCash is a dollar-based CashuBTC wallet built on Bitcoin and connected to Nostr.

  • Resumstr is a Nostr-based resume builder.

  • Clams, a Bitcoin-focused accounting app, releases a beta version with support for CNL and LND nodes.

  • Zeus Mining offers a free Bitcoin miner repair course.

  • Strike enables instant bank withdrawals for US customers.

  • Agent Store (beta) is the first AI agent marketplace with revenue sharing paid daily in Bitcoin.




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