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Greetings Bitcoiner,

Welcome to issue #82 of the Bitcoin Breakdown, where we’re reminding you that Bitcoin is not crypto, which is essentially a hot bed of fraud and deception pretending to be like Bitcoin.

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  • Trump vows to release Ross Ulbricht, halt the implementation of CBDCs, and champion Bitcoin self-custody practices.

  • Trump revealed to have asked Bitcoin Magazine's CEO if Bitcoin could solve the US’s $35T dollar debt catastrophe.

  • Harris Poll reveals that one-third of US voters will consider candidates' positions on crypto before voting.

  • Biden’s re-election campaign starts to engage the Bitcoin industry, marking a notable shift in their approach toward digital assets and policy.

  • Argentinian authorities engage in discussions about Bitcoin adoption with El Salvador counterparts.

  • Ocean Mining, backed by Jack Dorsey, opens its international headquarters in El Salvador.

  • Michael Saylor says the SEC's approval of spot Ethereum ETFs is beneficial for Bitcoin, enhancing institutional adoption.

  • NYSE to launch options contracts tracking Bitcoin prices.

  • Bitcoin whitepaper restored to following Faketoshi’s humiliating defeat.

  • Bitcoiner raises orange Bitcoin flag atop Mount Everest.

  • Speed Bitcoin Lightning Wallet to implement KYC for all US users.

  • Hodl Hodl, a Bitcoin lending platform, blocks US users in response to regulatory uncertainty.

  • Semler Scientific, a publicly traded med-tech company, surges 33% after adopting Bitcoin as a treasury asset.

  • Elusive early Bitcoin miner shifts 2,000 BTC coins, attracting speculation.

  • Riot Platforms initiates a takeover bid for competing mining company BitFarms.

  • Bitfarms rejects Riot’s acquisition proposal, wants higher offer.

  • Researchers recover nearly $3M in BTC by retrieving lost passwords to 2013 wallet.

  • Mt. Gox moves $9B in BTC to a singular address, marking a step in the long-awaited restitution process.

  • CryptoQuant analyst not concerned about Mt. Gox transferred coins flooding the market anytime soon.

  • Arkham Intelligence reveals that Trump's crypto holdings have reached $10M; holds no BTC.

  • Bitcoin ETFs now hold 1M BTC, 5% of the total supply.

  • Northern Data Group, a High-Performance Computing company offering Bitcoin mining operations, buys a 300MW site in Texas.

  • Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority bans mining on farms in the UAE due to concerns about energy consumption and preserving agricultural land.

  • Tornado Cash co-founder Roman Storm's defense filed motions to dismiss charges, citing 'prosecutorial overreach' and cryptocurrency seizure as Fourth Amendment violation.

  • Metaplanet, Japan’s MicroStrategy, to buy another ¥250M in BTC.

  • Cathie Wood, the CEO of Ark Invest, says El Salvador’s GDP could increase 10x in five years due to BTC.

  • Franklin Templeton’s Digital Assets team publish a short report on how the Bitcoin ETFs have 'changed the market structure of Bitcoin.'

  • The US House of Representatives passes bill banning Federal Reserve from issuing a CBDC.

  • The DataBill, allowing mass bank spying, scrapped following successful campaigning efforts, with strong public and parliamentary resistance.

  • PayPal plots ad network built off your purchase history and shopping habits.



  • The Bitcoin Way enables you to master Bitcoin self-custody and gain peace of mind.

  • turns every click into AI magic by enabling customized 1-click prompts, instantly summarizing articles, crafting emails, searching the web with AI, and more.

  • Start9 empowers you to run your own Bitcoin node while also joining the sovereign computing paradigm, where concerns over privacy, censorship, hacks, and fees practically disappear—get a 5% discount by using the code: BITCOINBREAKDOWN.

  • Blockstream Jade is the best hardware wallet for you to take self-custody with—enjoy a 10% discount off of with code: BITCOINBREAKDOWN.

  • Orange Pill App enables you to connect with Bitcoiners and Bitcoin merchants wherever you live and travel.

  • BITCOIN WELL is the fastest and easiest way to secure Bitcoin in self custody, offering non-KYC sells and bill payments with a transparent 1% spread, no hidden or withdrawal fees.



  • Bitcoin Magazine posts a clip of Donald Trump's speech at the Libertarian National Convention where he promised to protect Bitcoin self-custody against 'Elizabeth Warren and her goons' (May 26 | 0:31 min watch).

  • What Bitcoin Did podcast posts a video of Michael Saylor arguing that the best strategy to fight something entrenched in civilization, such as the centralized financial system, is to introduce an idea that goes viral, such as Bitcoin (May 25 | 2:49 min watch).

  • Joe Consorti posts a video of Jack Mallers, the founder of Strike, asserting the distinction between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and that Bitcoin is the only true form of money (May 22 | 5:20 min watch).

  • ICYMI: Rhyme Combinator posts a Bitcoin rap battle where Alexander Hamilton and Satoshi Nakamoto engage in a debate on the merits of centralized and decentralized currencies (Sep 2019 | 6:01 min watch).

  • Matthew Kratter of Bitcoin University reviews and discusses the Aqua Wallet by Jan3, which is a Bitcoin mobile wallet that supports on-chain BTC, L-BTC, and BTC over the Lightning Network (May 29 | 20 min watch).

  • ZKProof Standards posts a video of Jonas Nick, Bitcoin developer with Blockstream, discussing zero-knowledge proofs (ZK) and succinct proofs, the difficulties of changing the Bitcoin protocol, and ongoing efforts to enhance Bitcoin's functionalities (May 23 | 29:15 min watch).




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