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This Week's 🏆 Feature Stories & 🛠️ Tool Updates (Issue #91)

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Welcome to issue #91 of the Bitcoin Breakdown, where we are excited to introduce our new Premium Membership for Supporters.

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Hodlr Swiss recently announced their new Hodlr Shield Edition, which is the culmination of five years of enhancements to their Hodlr Classic range of self-custodial cold storage solutions.

The new range comes with thicker disks and a more compact design. The Shield is durable, elegant, and Swiss-made.

Shipping soon, the Shield includes Stealth, Chrome, and Bitcoin Chrome/Gold editions.

Be one of the first to enjoy this innovative product!

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The leader in OPSEC smartphone operating systems recently introduced a new feature that strengthens your privacy and security even more.

Imagine having a tool that allows you to set a special PIN/Password that, when entered, wipes your device and all installed eSIMs.

Learn how this feature works and practical ways to use it in our exclusive article for Supporters only.

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  • Dr Stephen Reimer in a report for the Royal United Services Institute’s Centre for Finance and Security exposes how the manipulation of Financial Action Task Force (FATF) standards have been weaponised by authorities worldwide as part of holistic campaigns to crack down on civil society targets (Jun 11 | 30 min read).

  • 0xjaypeg discusses the recent 60-70k price range of Bitcoin the past 120 days, analyzing various factors to evaluate market conditions and potential future movements, emphasizing that this consolidation period is likely not the cycle top (Jun 27 | 4 min read).

  • Beautyon highlights the alleged late Mircea Popescu's fearless and principled leadership with the Bitcoin exchange MPEx, emphasizing the need for Bitcoin CEOs to resist government overreach, exhibit strong character, and innovate boldly to ensure Bitcoin's growth and user freedom (Jun 8 | 5 min read).

  • Tomer Strolight in a piece titled ‘Bitcoin — For All Ages, For The Ages’, emphasizes the long-term reliability and stability of Bitcoin as a superior savings technology compared to traditional financial systems, highlighting its resilience against inflation and political changes, making it an ideal choice for secure, enduring wealth preservation for all age groups (June 22 | 13 min read).

  • Sam Callahan, Lead Analyst at Swan Bitcoin, examines the parallels between the erosion of Rome's Mos Maiorum and Ethereum's deviation from its original principles of decentralization, innovation, and immutability, contrasting this with Bitcoin’s unwavering adherence to its core values, highlighting the potential risks and implications for Ethereum's future stability (Jun 17 | 27 min read).

  • DarthCoin explores through graphical references the differences between the most popular Lightning wallets for all new users coming into the Bitcoin space (Jun 23 | 3 min read).

  • Joel Kotkin, author of 'The Coming of Neo-Feudalism', explores for Quillette how housing inflation is ushering in ‘neo-feudalism’ in Western societies reminiscent of the Dark Ages due to restrictive policies, leading to economic stagnation, and rising inequality (Jun 19 | 9 min read).

  • Joe Consorti, advisor to Theya Research, posts an update about Bitcoin ETF activity, highlighting how BlackRock’s acquisitions signals a potential bullish rebound in tandem with the S&P 500's ongoing strength through 2024 and into 2025 (Jul 1 | 4 min read).

  • Fidelity publishes a research report detailing how corporate treasurers are increasingly embracing bitcoin as a valuable hedge against inflation, currency debasement, and geopolitical risks, leveraging its properties like verifiable scarcity for strategic financial resilience (Jun 26 | 18 min read).

  • Trey Walsh argues in Bitcoin Magazine that the Right/Left divide could really hinder Bitcoin adoption in the US, emphasizing that unity and collective effort are crucial in maintaining the strength and integrity of the Bitcoin network amidst evolving challenges and opportunities in the landscape (Jun 25 | 5 min read).

  • Robert Hall emphasizes the crucial importance of self-custody, arguing that taking personal control of one's assets is essential for financial sovereignty and personal freedom in an increasingly uncertain world dominated by institutional control and security risks (Jun 24 | 5 min read).

  • DeFi Diver compares and explains the different Layer 2 solutions on Bitcoin and how some of them significantly enhance transaction speed and scalability by utilizing off-chain protocols, like the Lightning Network which makes Bitcoin more efficient and viable for everyday transactions (Jun 25 | 11 min read).

  • Pablof7z, software engineer at Swan Bitcoin, delivered a keynote speech at BTC Prague 2024, discussing the benefits of building interoperable businesses using open networks and freedom tech, emphasizing the importance of avoiding KYC pitfalls, fostering collaboration, and maintaining user trust for sustainable and profitable operations (transcript) (Jun 13 | 11 min read).

  • Parker Lewis's BTC Prague 2024 presentation ‘Bitcoin vs. Bank Failures: A Path to Financial Security’ explores the implications of recent bank failures and advocates leveraging Bitcoin’s decentralized and antifragile system as a secure alternative to the unstable and insolvent traditional banking system (transcript) (Jun 14 | 15 min read).



What do you think is the primary motivation behind the manipulation of FATF standards?

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  • Bitrefill introduces the Bitrefill Card, enabling users to pay with bitcoin anywhere in Europe that accepts credit cards, with a 2% fee.

  • Wavlake introduces the new Pulse tab on its mobile app, enabling you to view your friend’s profiles, recent activity, and playlists.

  • Invincible Privacy Group is a new fund aimed at supporting Bitcoin developers to improve privacy (only self-custodial projects will be eligible).

  • PushTX a lightweight tool to broadcast your transactions directly into the P2P network by connecting to a set of random Bitcoin nodes, enabling you to maintain geolocation and node privacy.

  • Volt is a modern descriptor-based financial freedom bitcoin wallet aimed at restoring sovereignty to global bitcoiners.





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