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Greetings Bitcoiner,

Welcome to issue #92 of the Bitcoin Breakdown, where Bitcoin's voluntary, permissionless, and decentralized structure allows it to expand globally through peaceful adoption, rather than through military conquest or coercion like with centralized fiat.

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  • Trump suggests Bitcoin could serve as a strategic reserve asset to bolster the US economy and counter geopolitical rivals.

  • Bitcoin ATMs see a resurgence with nearly 6,000 new machines installed in the past 11 months, bringing the total count to over 38,300 worldwide.

  • Central Bank of Bolivia lifts its four-year ban on Bitcoin, but it is however not recognized as legal tender.

  • Justin Sun offers to buy all Bitcoin from the German government.

  • German government moves $175M in Bitcoin, $75M to exchanges.

  • Jack Dorsey says Bitcoin could one day replace the US dollar.

  • Bitcoin Core introduces a new security disclosure policy to enhance communication around security issues, categorizing vulnerabilities by severity and standardizes the process for reporting and disclosing them.

  • UAE Central Bank might ban the use of bitcoin to pay for products and services.

  • Runes transactions on Bitcoin tanked over 88% last month and now only comprise 5-11% of all Bitcoin transactions.

  • Sony to relaunch the Japanese Bitcoin exchange Whalefin, which it acquired from Amber Group in 2023.

  • FCC wants to make it easier to unlock your phone by proposing a rule that would require all devices to be unlockable within 60 days of purchase.

  • Metaplanet buys another $1.2 million worth of BTC, acquiring over 20.2 BTC, bringing its total holdings to to 161.3 BTC.

  • Javier Milei reduces Argentina's annualized inflation by 95% in seven months, from 1355% to 4.2%.

  • Refugees in Uganda turn to Bitcoin for transactions due to national ID restrictions, enabling access to banking and essential services.

  • Denmark denies reports suggesting that the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority plans to ban personal (non-custodial) bitcoin wallets.

  • Wolfpack 6 (an 8-week program for founders and teams building on Bitcoin and adjacent technologies) applications deadline is next Monday.

  • Proton unveils Proton Docs, a new end-to-end encrypted collaborative document editor that integrates seamlessly into Proton Drive and shares a close resemblance with Google Docs.

  • Mozilla acquires adtech startup, Anonym, a trailblazer in privacy-preserving digital advertising.

  • Bitdeer to lease industrial park for adding 570 MW to Bitcoin mining.

  • Genesis Digital Assets, an Alameda Research-backed Bitcoin mining company, is reportedly exploring the possibility of going public.

  • Standard Chartered forecasts Bitcoin to hit ATH in August.



If Trump successfully pushes Bitcoin as a strategic reserve asset, what impact will it have on US economic policy?

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  • Heatbit releases short ad featuring the HeatbitTrio – there’s nothing ‘Mini’ about it (Jul 2 | 0:28 min watch).

  • Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports says Bitcoin is the only crypto you should be involved it (Jul 1 | 0:30 min watch).

  • Jack Mallers in an interview with Zuby argues that currency debasement steals the collective time and energy from society (Jul 3 | 0:58 min watch).





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