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This Week's 🏆 Feature Stories & 🛠️ Tool Updates (Issue #93)

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  • Pierre Rochard and Allen Farrington explore the compelling and increasingly validated strategy of leveraging fiat currencies to invest in Bitcoin, arguing that worsening global fiat conditions and expanding avenues for speculative attacks make Bitcoin an even more attractive investment, as evidenced by examples like El Salvador and MicroStrategy (Jul 4 | 8 min read).

  • Grant Gilliam of Ten31 argues that Bitcoin technology investments create powerful network effects across the ecosystem, fostering unprecedented collaboration and interoperability among companies, leading to enhanced value and growth potential for the entire Bitcoin industry (Jul 8 | 11 min read).

  • Tom Honzik, Technical Director at Unchained, explains the anatomy of a Bitcoin wallet, detailing the creation and sensitivity of seed phrases, private keys, extended public keys (xpubs), child public keys, and addresses, providing insights for securely managing Bitcoin from entropy generation to address storage (Jun 27 | 12 min read).

  • Researchers affiliated with the universities of Toronto and Miami argue that crypto investors tend to exhibit 'dark tetrad' personality traits, including narcissism and psychopathy, with maleness (sic), reliance on fringe social media, and feelings of victimhood being strong predictors of crypto ownership (Jul 4 | 2 min read).

  • Vojtěch Strnad uncovers all the hidden secrets in a complex Bitcoin transaction he recently engineered with numerous Easter eggs and historical references, creating a reference transaction showcasing diverse blockchain explorer features (Jul 7 | 5 min read).

  • Alexandre Stachtchenko, Chief of Strategy of Paymium, analyzes the growing threat of financial surveillance to democratic freedoms, highlighting recent cases in the cryptocurrency industry as warning signs of broader privacy erosion and urging vigilance against overreaching government control in the financial sector (Jul 1 | 18 min read).

  • Che Kohler of The Bitcoin Manual explores the convergence of Bitcoin mining and artificial intelligence industries, highlighting how miners are diversifying into AI computing to offset cryptocurrency volatility, while discussing potential benefits, challenges, and implications for both sectors' future growth and sustainability (Jul 5 | 6 min read).

  • Lyn Alden offers insights into financial privacy challenges, familial control dynamics and economic vulnerabilities in Egypt, revealing the quest for personal autonomy and secure savings avenues in low-income settings (Jul 8 | 3 min read).

  • Prof Peter St. Onge investigates the possibility that the economy has been in a recession for years due to misleading official economic data, including underestimated inflation rates, potentially hinting at an impending Depression (Jul 4 | 3 min read).

  • Bob, writing for Bitcoin Magazine, argues for a 'hodl fee' to compensate Bitcoin miners from dormant addresses, aiming to align incentives and enhance network security, while addressing challenges like dust addresses and lost coins (Jul 3 | 5 min read).

  • Vlad Goryachev, former Wall Street derivatives structurer and trader, explores advanced strategies for optimizing Bitcoin Lightning Network node operations, discussing automated fee management, channel balancing techniques, and tools like PeerSwap Web UI to maximize profitability and efficiency in routing transactions (Jun 24 | 8 min read).

  • Freddie New, Head of Policy at Bitcoin Policy UK, warns of the looming global debt crisis, arguing that governments may resort to currency debasement and inflation to address the $91 trillion debt burden, urging individuals to protect their wealth through hard assets and alternative savings methods (Jul 8 | 4 min read).

  • Shinobi, Technical Editor at Bitcoin Magazine, argues that Bitcoin embodies the principles of liberty, self-sovereignty, and independence from bureaucratic control, drawing parallels between its purpose and the American Revolution, while urging Bitcoiners to stay true to these ideals rather than seeking approval from regulators and politicians (Jul 4 | 3 min read).



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  • Phoenix Wallet unveils major update with BOLT12 support, introducing reusable payment requests, contact lists, and message attachments for enhanced bitcoin transactions.

  • Lendasat announces upcoming launch of non-custodial, instant Bitcoin loan service utilizing DLC technology on ARK platform, revolutionizing bitcoin lending.

  • Bails combines Bitcoin Core and Tails to provide ultimate privacy for bitcoin transactions, offering protection from surveillance, censorship, and confiscation with strong anonymity.

  • Scanback offers users Bitcoin rewards for uploading grocery receipts, with earnings based on spending amount and store type, plus referral bonuses to Lightning wallets.

  • Svetvski launches Satlantis, a travel and community social network, allowing users to explore world perspectives, connects tribes globally, highlighting travel, nomading, and lifestyle.

  • Nodl introduces the new nodl One Mk.2 Bitcoin node with a 2 TB SSD, replacing 1 TB devices, all backed by a 5-year warranty.

  • Burak introduces Brollup v2, an innovative state channel design, eliminating the need for trusted setup and enhancing payment verification.

  • Bitcoin Atlantis conference's organizers announce the next edition for 2028, which aligns with the Bitcoin halving cycle, creating a unique quadrennial event.

  • ZapConf offers a weekend of innovation, entirely Value 4 Value, to its global audience, hacking and learning with the Lightning Network and Nostr on Gather Town, September 21-22, 2024.

  • Npub.pro introduces a tool for creating stunning Nostr-based websites, offering free, open-source, and self-hostable features for beautiful online presence.

  • LNbits offers bounties for Nostr Wallet Connect development, with rewards of 1,500,000 sats for creating key features to enhance LNbits functionality.

  • B2P Central aggregates Bitcoin peer-to-peer buy/sell offers from top platforms for easy access to the best deals. Ongoing development and enhancements based on user feedback.

  • Fewsats, a monetization platform for deploying digital content behind paywalls using L402 protocol, launches on Product Hunt.





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