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  • 🌍 Strike Expands Globally, ⚡ RFK Jr Turns to BTC, 🤦‍♀️ Ledger Shoots Itself

🌍 Strike Expands Globally, ⚡ RFK Jr Turns to BTC, 🤦‍♀️ Ledger Shoots Itself

Sunday Update: 21 May 2023





announces at the #Bitcoin2023 Conference the company is expanding Bitcoin payments to 65 countries and moving its global headquarters to El Salvador. The app now also supports LNURL and an easier sign-up process was announced that further enhances its accessibility. With a dollar equivalent stablecoin option now, Strike also opens doors for non-Bitcoiners seeking a store of value amid rampant inflation.

delivers historic keynote at #Bitcoin2023 – “The right to own Bitcoin shall be inviolable!" He also criticized governments' tendency to use various pretexts to erode civil rights and pledged to protect the right to own Bitcoin, self-custody, and run personal nodes if elected president. He concluded by becoming the first US presidential candidate to accept campaign donations in Bitcoin, earning a standing ovation.

, a leading provider of hardware wallets, has introduced a controversial feature called Ledger Recover, which allows users to recover their seed phrases through identity verification. Community members and privacy advocates however criticized the feature, questioning its necessity and potential security vulnerabilities. You're better off with a trusted open-source wallet like Blockstream's

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To give you an idea of how early we are, a new report by the UK Treasury Committee states that “cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have no intrinsic value and serve no useful social purpose, while consuming large amounts of energy and being used by criminals in scams, fraud and money laundering.” It is a painstaking read and not at all recommended. It concludes that all cryptocurrencies more closely resembles gambling than a financial service. Indeed, altcoin trading is degenerative (many however manage to eventually drink the Orange Pill and stay for the actual Revolution). But these idiots unironically conflate Bitcoin and “Ether” with each other as both supposedly being “unbacked cryptoassets”. UK Gov NGMI.

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