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  • Argentina directs all Bitcoin platform registrations to align with Financial Action Task Force recommendations, a move conflicting with President Milei's economic freedom stance.

  • Coinbase finally integrates Lightning Network, enabling near real-time, low-cost Bitcoin transactions.

  • UK judge orders freezing of $7.6M of Faketoshi’s assets to cover COPA's legal costs after his failed lawsuit.

  • Wladimir Van Der Laan, a long-time Bitcoin Core maintainer, considers returning after Faketoshi’s court defeat.

  • Google patches two Pixel zero-day flaws being exploited by forensic companies after being discovered by GrapheneOS.

  • Unsealed Documents provide more details on FBI’s YouTube Dragnet chasing a Bitcoin user.

  • Derek Wall offers to buy anybody who can’t afford it a copy of Lyn Alden’s latest book, Broken Money.

  • US DOJ-linked wallet with $2B worth of Silk Road confiscated bitcoin makes a test transaction to Coinbase Prime, hinting at potential future fund movements.

  • Tether grants $100,000 to BTCPay Server to support Bitcoin payment processing.

  • Tether acquires an additional 8,888BTC bringing total holdings to over 75,000BTC worth $5.3B.

  • Bitcoin mining revenue reaches a record high of $2B in March 2024.

  • Texan Bitcoin mining companies team up to start mining in Argentina.

  • Bitcoin bull run creates 50% more Bitcoin millionaires in one year.

  • El Salvador launches a Bitcoin diploma program to educate citizens and promote wider adoption.

  • Bitcoin maintains profitability of 99.92% of all tradable days since it launched on Jan 3rd, 2009.

  • Monetary Authority of Singapore imposes additional requirements for digital payment token service providers to extend regulation.

  • Bitcoin whale moves 2,000 BTC mined in 2010 into one wallet.

  • Mark Yusko, CEO of Morgan Creek Capital Management, forecasts Bitcoin reaching $150,000 in 2024.

  • Bitcoin ETFs reach 56% the size of US Gold ETFs in less than two months.

  • MicroStrategy's stock tanks 11% following Kerrisdale Capital's recommendation to short MSTR and go long on Bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin hash rate triples since its last ATH, despite its price remaining the same.

  • Malware that steals bitcoin targets Call of Duty gamers who cheat; now affecting hundreds of thousands of players.

  • Bitcoin wallet moves 500 BTC worth $35M after 12 years of dormancy.

  • Taiwan's Ministry of the Interior authorizes the creation of a cryptocurrency industry association, signaling a move towards regulated self-supervision within the sector.

  • Venture capitalists flock back to crypto industry amid Bitcoin rally.

  • Chief Justice Lim Byeong-ryeol of South Korean Cheongju District Court reveals owning 10BTC in new disclosure rules amid Coin Gate fallout.

  • Matt Hougan, Bitwise CIO thinks '3% is the new 1%' for Bitcoin allocations among professional investors due to institutional legitimacy bestowed by Bitcoin ETFs.

  • OCEAN mining, a decentralized mining pool, yields 184 BTC since November, offering 112% more rewards than alternatives, with improved distribution.



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  • A homeless man and his girlfriend to buy a new house after hodling Bitcoin (Mar 27 | 1:11 min watch).

  • Dave Portnoy is a little bitter for not learning about Bitcoin earlier (Mar 27 | 2:09 min watch).

  • Richard releases new song titled, ‘Rising Free - Joe Martin, Man Like Kweks, Reel Richard’ (Mar 28 | 3:39 min watch).

  • Gary Cardone sells his $2.5M Mansion in St. Petersburg Florida to go all in on Bitcoin (Apr 2 | 7:18 min watch).

  • Jordan Klepper of The Daily Show conflates FTX and Bitcoin in an embarrassing clip (Mar 29 | 7:22 min watch).

  • Compass Mining reviews the new Aradine AT500 Bitcoin miner, highlighting specs and UI (Mar 30 | 8:37 min watch).

  • Bitcoin Explorers covers how Bitcoin is utilized in South Africa to create economic empowerment and educational opportunities for children (Mar 28 | 13:39 min watch).

  • Peruvian Bull releases the next installment in his series, titled ‘Financial Warfare: Dollar Endgame 5.5’ (Apr 4 | 15:43 min watch).



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